Dream Dictionary Black and White

Dream Dictionary Black and White

To dream about the colors black and white suggests that you might feel as if some kind of battle between good and evil is going on in your mind.

Dream Black and White
Dream Dictionary Black and White, Dreaming of the Colors Black and White and what it Says About You

You are constantly having thoughts that are both good and evil and are not sure which side to side with or which one is right for you. Ultimately the fact is, you don’t need to romanticize this and it doesn’t need to be that big of a decision. Ultimately as much good as there is in us, humans also have a very competitive and self serving side and if anything steps in the way of that it can cause problems and trauma. You do not need to think of this as a battle between good and evil going on inside you. You are merely thinking about your choices and options and which seems most right for you. Don’t feel obligated to side with any forces that you don’t want to and font feel obligated to choose a side either. Just don’t do anything to harm anyone else and you should be fine. You do not need to feel awful for having bad thoughts, just don’t act on them all of the time and you will be normal and well balanced.

If you have a dream in which you are wearing all white and everyone else is wearing black, you probably feel as if you are the only good person in a sea of bad. This might be a common dream for you if you are a religious person that works in a notoriously secular place or spends a lot of time in that type of environment. You feel as if you are the only one that is pure and holy and the rest of the people around you have all been tainted. While this might lead to a righteous pursuit or two eventually, it can also be the sign of a self righteous attitude. While you may feel high and mighty for being so great, you have to remember that these people usually feel completely justified in what they do and simply have a different belief system than yourself which allows them to do what they like on some occasions without feeling guilty about it. This is what you have to do or the kind of attitude that you have to fall into if you hope to get along with any of these people.

To dream that you are the only one wearing black in a large conglomeration of people wearing all white shows that you think that you are the only bad seed in a group of good natured and nice people. You see yourself as being evil while everyone else around you is good. These are usually unhealthy thoughts which lead to low self esteem at best and psychotic breakdowns at worst. Once you feel like you are not an accepted member of society anymore, things really start to go downhill. Maybe you should do something to get yourself accepted back into the fold. Try taking up a social hobby, like disc golf.

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