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If you dream that you are a black bear, this signifies that you are of that same austere breed. You will not anger unless you are provoked. Look up some videos of a black bear. What do they do? They usually sit around and sleep or walk aimlessly unless they are hungry in which case they fish. If they do go fishing then they can sit in the water for hours and will only get out once they have caught enough fish to satisfy them, or unless they are vehemently provoked. You are the kind of person that is not provoked easily.

No matter how many people try to get on your nerves, you maintain your thick skin in the face of adversity, preferring to focus on your personal endeavors rather than worrying about all of the people fussing over you. Not only that but you have the capability to dedicate yourself to a single task with much fervor and dedication until you see results or until you are taken out of it by someone else, but again this will not happen easily because of how personally entranced in your work you are.

If you see a black bear wandering around or if you dream that you are hunting a black bear, this signifies that you are jealous of that ability in others and want it for yourself. You are on a quest of patience, but ironically, that very quest itself is a measure of supreme impatience and will keep you from ever reaching the true goal that you hope to achieve. This is important to note and should not be taken lightly. If you really feel like you want patience, you should be able to wait for it. This is the mark of a truly patient person.

Dreaming that you are attacked by a black bear means that you have not been very patient or respectful as of late. Bears only attack when provoked and the black bear is known for being especially forgiving in this regard. In other words it takes a lot to make a black bear mad so if you manage to do that then you must have been up to some really annoying things lately. The only way to make sure that the bear backs down is to chill out and relax and let the bear relax and then everything will be fine.

Alternatively that same attacking dream could mean that you have been taking things too far or going where you were unwanted. If another group refuses to initiate you into their fold then it is up to you to heed their warning and not insert yourself where you are not wanted. This is just common sense. Do not be a jerk about it, simply realize when you are not wanted somewhere and go by that rather than forcing other people to bend to your own very inflexible will.
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ellah 2014-12-16 09:47:44
My dream was that I was in a house with some of my acquaintances. We were a lot. They're not my close friends but I have no problem with them. We just heard an alarm about a black bear coming and we were all scared by it. I decided to take a peek at the Window and I saw the animal. I was kinda confused because from my understanding it looks like a black gorilla. Anyways, i told everybody that it is coming our way so we all ran to the other room to hide but the animal still got its way in. There was a friend with a child. I thought that we were safe only to realize that the windows doesn't have any glass. I wasn't sure if that friend was attacked but at that time, i was trying to hide at that little space at the back of the door. I was joined by other two friends, the space was just enough to fit the 3 of us in. The animal was pounding at the door and we tried hard to hold the door as hard as we could. Finally it stopped and went away. I was really scared. I think I shouted to hold the door because it was our shield from the animal.

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wrighteous 2014-12-10 15:44:18
I deem to drove past a bear and decided to turn around so I could get a picture of it and I got out of my car and it started coming after me so i decided to battle cry at it and it stoppe and stared at me and everythinggot really quite then I woke up

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Tanya 2014-11-06 19:59:05
I dreamt of a black bear eating poop

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zarak kakar 2014-10-30 09:28:58
I saw 4 bears at a time , the two of them were quite one's face was tighten with rope like was going to attack some one but he was unable to because it was tighten with rope .. the last one was hairy and was attacking me . I was up on a pole but that bear manage to put me down in his jaws. I was scared . Couple of my friends had ropes in their hands but they were not able to get me of that bear .

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veronica 2014-06-06 04:17:44
my dream was a black bear just standing in door way so I slammed the door but same dream was spilled milk and a small blonde child ..no one was attacked or hurt but I woke up in a panic mood .. wondering what this means also my handwas not moving it was like cramped ..

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mailtoianflemings@yahoo.com 2014-11-06 04:09:52
This means u wake up some of ur foes but he/she cant harm u coz they r dependent on u by some how...

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kelly 2014-04-07 16:13:58
I dreamnt the bear was chasing me and I stoped and dropped to my knees and covered my neck and head as well as I could the bear smelled me and then laid beside me and went to sleep.

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Ann 2014-03-06 06:37:58
I am being attacked in my dreams, as I am in real life by my sister. My dad on his death bed didn't even want to see her. She hurts me repeatedly, and tells lies about me to people, her friends and inlaws, and my family overseas. I am sooo incredibly sad and it's hurting my life still at 56 yrs old..she's 60. I keep dreaming about black bears hunting me...I think I'm constantly warned about another thing she says and has done to hurt me. I can't face her about this she still beats me up. I wish you could post something like this on FB where I can repost and people may no I'm not the person she made me out to be....this is hurting me so much!

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Heather 2013-03-11 16:07:01
I dreamt of a Mountain called Old Mountain Black Bear. Researching it really does exist. Also in my dream there were many black bears at a protected forest. One Bear impaticular was my friend but we had to retrain him to live in the wild. It took a year for the Black Bears intincts to kick in but eventually became an Alpha and found an albino she Bear as it life's mate.

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