Dream Dictionary Black Bird

Dream Dictionary Black Bird

To see a crow in your sleep signifies that you have come to some realization about something that it takes a certain amount of wisdom to truly understand.

Dream Black Bird
Dream Dictionary Black Bird, Dreaming of a Black Bird and What it Means About You

Crows are seen to be wise birds and birds are thought to be wise animals, so it only follows that when you see a crow in your dreams it has some meaning related to its inherent wisdom. Have you been trying to discover something recently or come to terms with something that didn’t previously make any sense to you? This type of dream would suggest that it has finally made sense. You can finally understand why things work this way. You are increasing your wisdom and knowledge little by little and it means good things for you.

To dream that you see a raven means that you are dealing with a problem of important consequence that may have serious repercussions if it is not solved. There are many reasons why a person might dream of a black bird, but if that bird is a raven then you are going to want to reconsider the urgency of some of the problems that you have on your plate currently. You are probably dealing with something right now that you are unsure of how much significance to afford to it. You have problems on your plate sure, but how important are they to you? Now you know for sure that this problem should not just be brushed aside. Now you know that this problem you are dealing with could have major consequences and matters to more than just your own selfish interests.

If you have a dream that you see a vulture, another type of black bird, this signifies that you feel some part of you is dying. This could be something serious such as your sense of humanity or a relationship, or it could be something mild like a talent. But whatever the case, the bird only comes when something is dead or decaying and about to die. It is not too late for you though. You can still try to re-cultivate that talent or that feeling within yourself if you try hard enough. Just keep at it. For example if your talent was football, then all you need to do is go to more practices, assuming you don’t want to lose what made you so good at football in the first place. If you are okay with losing that talent then by all means continue to let it die slowly.

Finally if you see a bird that is supposed to be one color, but is instead black, this symbolizes changed perspectives. You used to think one way about something but it has turned into a completely new thought. It could also represent a change in goals, such as something that you once strived for but can no longer accomplish, or no longer feel like accomplishing. Something has happened which caused you to question the original reason you even had the goal in the first place. This is the most likely case when you dream of a black bird that is not supposed to be black.

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Double Taurus from 1982, David, looking for Jane W.
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My daughter had a nightmare and she explains that black birds were eating my brain....dying
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My marriage is passed 15 years but still I have too many problems with my husband n step daughter
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