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To dream that you see a black dog suggests that something horrible is going to happen in your life. Of course the demeanor of the dog is also important. If the dog is fearsome and vicious then it means that something horrible will happen to you or someone you love. It does not mean that it will happen immediately or that it will happen at all as a dream cannot predict the future to that extent, but it is clear that you have a feeling that something will go wrong in your life soon.

Is someone that you love and care for about to do something incredibly dangerous? This black dog could symbolize your fear and anxiety over their safety. Are you about to do something that is dangerous and that you feel incredibly uneasy about? Then this too could mean that you should have something to be legitimately afraid of. Donít allow yourself to fall down this road of fear and foreboding. If it is something that is legitimately dangerous then you need to cancel it, whatever it is. And if it is not your own engagement which you are trying to have canceled and instead it is a friendís, then you are going to have to make sure that your friend knows exactly how endangered you think that they are. Do not sit back and watch as something horrible happens to someone that you love and respect. Tell them how you feel even if you are sure that they wonít listen. At least that way you will know that you did all you could do to save their life if the unthinkable were to happen.

To dream that you are a black dog suggests that you feel that you bring danger to others. You think that your presence within a group is causing other people to harm themselves. Perhaps you have been a bad influence on the lives of a few people and you are just starting to feel bad about that. This is a great possibility. You should applaud yourself for being so keen as to notice when you have negatively influenced the life of another. Most people that do this sort of thing never actually come to a realization about it and instead continue to endanger their friends. Recognizing the negative influence you have on others is the first step to recovery.

To dream that you see a friendly black dog suggests that you have come to terms with those aspects of yourself that are negative and you are able to accept all of the negative things going on in the world around you. This is something that is hard to do and it doesnít mean that you have a lack of empathy or are a bad person for it; it means that you have reached a level of maturity that allows you to realize your helplessness in the course of the world and have accepted that.
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Answers? 2015-01-16 19:11:16
I have a dream that keeps coming back. In the dream I am outside enjoying a beautiful day wearing a white dress and barefoot. The sky starts to turn gray but I am happier than before. Then these little purple flowers grow under my feet and start to form a trail through the forest. I follow the flowers where where I see a black dog stare at me . It starts to lead me the rest of the way. I'm not scared or anything in the dream . It is then that in the dark forest there is a patch of grass covered in the purple flowers. A deer carcass is on the ground rotting . It starts to stand up and raises in the air where it says " You've hit the edge of the world!". That's when I wake up. I am just curious what this could mean . I keep having this dream .

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Garibay 2014-12-23 11:18:14
Had a dream of a looked to be German Shepard I was laying in my living room where I fell asleep and I woke up or something made me wake up bc I felt an unexplainable sensation and opened my eyes and saw the dog with his hands only on the opposite side of the coach looked dark color black/brown but just stared at me didn't try to hurt me but I freaked out and ran for help just ended up seeing my brother and only one that could hear me and he said something like I might not be the right one I bite! What does this mean????

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adam 2014-10-19 09:10:36
just a moment ago i had a dream and i woke up shaking , think now im not easy to scare so just putting htat out there but this time .. this timei was more then scared and i cant close my eyes with out seeing that .. that black dog that monster shadow like black dog , in my dream i was running from something in the woods and my friends where lions well i fell and when i hand klooked aorund i was leaned agesnt a car the lions spoke and said we cant help you anymore then like it was waiting for me i turns and saw a head of a black dog its eyes where blood red and its teeth like shark teeth . i dont know the meaning but i do know i woke up once the dog sank its teeth in to my shoulder , i woke and in fact my shoulder had bit marks on it not bleeding but allmost . plz i need some help on this anyone know why it was a blck dog or why when i woke i infact had animal bbit marks on my shoulder

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Faith Mills 2014-08-06 23:37:06
I have had dreams of this mythical Dog, it came in and out of my dreams, it stoped as soon as I hit 7 grade three years back, but nothing bad happened to me. Now telling my boyfriend about it, he has worries saying that the dog might have been a hellhound, but I do think this dog is a sign. Though, I don't think it is a bad sign, cause I haven't lost anyone, or myself yet. I do believe in signs, but not in the god, but something like that might make me change my mind

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vijay 2014-06-23 06:58:52
but is it good or bad...?

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tora 2014-05-14 15:46:56
I also had a dream about a black dog. This dog sat at and stared at me. It didn;t feel like a dream though. I felt like i was awake. After trying to scream for help. There was this dark hand with hair on its arms reached out to me to pull me up. I woke up in fear put my gospel music on and slept like a baby. The only way I escaped the dream was by saying over and over I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. I finally woke up. but I felt as if i was woke the entire time. Dreams happen for a reason. I think that my dream was refering to someone close to me which at the time is helping me but at the same time may have intentions to hurt me as well. My mistake was that I feared the dog. I should fear only God!!

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denise 2014-12-30 01:37:39
Why fear God? God is love.

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Jojo 2014-03-23 15:37:48
I had dream last night that I was in my apartment. This was a new place and nice too. I was at the bottom of my stairs and that I had a beautiful small black dog with German cheaper ears. We both were giving love to each other and this dog was very loving. I also fell very profoundly about this dog. I had so much love for him. I had to go to bed or something. Then my dream changed to something else. What is the meaning?

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arianna 2013-10-22 15:59:57
I had a dream that i was standing in my workplace parkinglot talking to coworkers when i walked to my car a large black dog with red eyes was sitting in front of it. It growled at me as i approached and as i took a step back it lunged for me. I woke up before it got to me. What does this mean?

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Ifesinachi Thomas 2013-06-03 05:13:01
I saw a black dog with white spotted on its two front legs in my dream urinating in my compound. What terrifies me the most is that i am about to start up a block industry venture in the same compound.Though i am not living there i have tenants who are living there just asked one of them to park out ,cos he have not paid his rent for 4months now.
Please i need an interpretation .
Thank you

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daijee 2013-04-10 19:12:39
Last night i had a dream dat a dog came in my room n it ws very cute...so i kept it with me in my house...is anything goin2 be wrong with me..plz help

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sabrina 2013-03-10 21:44:00
I had a dream last night that I was sitting in my living room and the motion sensor light on the porch kept turning on. I walked to the door to see why and saw a huge black dog on the right hand side of the porch. It walked to the door and sat down. When it looked at me I knew without a doubt it wanted to hurt me. I was filled with an intense fear and called 911. When they answered they told me not to call unless I was dying and hung up. Then they called back to let me know someone was coming. When he got to my house the dog didn't notice him at all. It just sat and stared at me. I felt like it was trying to find a way in to harm me. I had no doubt it was me it was after and when I woke up I was terrified.

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help? 2012-08-02 02:28:58
Dreamed of my friends black dog being playful but to rough and everytime we fought I felt like I should guard my stomach and the dog would stop and lay his head on my tummy but everytime I tried to leave he would pin me down as if I couldn't leave as if he felt there was something important in my stomach any ideas? Cupcakekillerxx54@gmail.com

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