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To dream that you see a black dog suggests that something horrible is going to happen in your life. Of course the demeanor of the dog is also important. If the dog is fearsome and vicious then it means that something horrible will happen to you or someone you love. It does not mean that it will happen immediately or that it will happen at all as a dream cannot predict the future to that extent, but it is clear that you have a feeling that something will go wrong in your life soon.

Is someone that you love and care for about to do something incredibly dangerous? This black dog could symbolize your fear and anxiety over their safety. Are you about to do something that is dangerous and that you feel incredibly uneasy about? Then this too could mean that you should have something to be legitimately afraid of. Donít allow yourself to fall down this road of fear and foreboding. If it is something that is legitimately dangerous then you need to cancel it, whatever it is. And if it is not your own engagement which you are trying to have canceled and instead it is a friendís, then you are going to have to make sure that your friend knows exactly how endangered you think that they are. Do not sit back and watch as something horrible happens to someone that you love and respect. Tell them how you feel even if you are sure that they wonít listen. At least that way you will know that you did all you could do to save their life if the unthinkable were to happen.

To dream that you are a black dog suggests that you feel that you bring danger to others. You think that your presence within a group is causing other people to harm themselves. Perhaps you have been a bad influence on the lives of a few people and you are just starting to feel bad about that. This is a great possibility. You should applaud yourself for being so keen as to notice when you have negatively influenced the life of another. Most people that do this sort of thing never actually come to a realization about it and instead continue to endanger their friends. Recognizing the negative influence you have on others is the first step to recovery.

To dream that you see a friendly black dog suggests that you have come to terms with those aspects of yourself that are negative and you are able to accept all of the negative things going on in the world around you. This is something that is hard to do and it doesnít mean that you have a lack of empathy or are a bad person for it; it means that you have reached a level of maturity that allows you to realize your helplessness in the course of the world and have accepted that.
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Naveen 2015-11-09 14:14:32
Good morning guys.I had a dream at early morning 3.30am,in which one end of the dog chain was tied around some person neck and the other end to a vicious dog and it was running very fast with cruelness in its face.finally it enters into a room where I'll go and work by next coming minutes,lot of people were there to hold that dog but ii started to attack on a person brutally to kill that person.mean while it ran away from those person persons and again came back suddenly and killed that person followed by I woke up with fear.all the time of dream it was blurred vision and I can't able to trigger out clear faces.as I have little fear while walking through bunch of dogs alone please tell me the answer what will going to happen?
Thanks and regards

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Daniel Morrow 2015-10-23 20:40:08
I'm on a round about with a girl that I like then in the distance I hear a howl then on a dark road appears a dog running in our direction growling and huffing I run to fight the dog head on and it attacks me then runs after the girl but I can't catch it then the dream stop and I wake up what does this mean I have had it for almost 2 weeks it's starting to worry me greatly

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Jacien 2015-09-21 15:01:42
Many of the people leaving their experiences need to think about spelling, timing of events, or maybe have a friend proof read what they just wrote so the reader can get some idea of what on earth or the dream world their even talking about!

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Jini 2015-09-13 02:23:57
what is the meaning of a dream with a black dog biting my hand...but nothing happened to me.but that dog was bit different type of one and its mouth was full of blood.And the owner of the dog is also a relative of mine. plz tell me what the hell is going to happen.. good or bad..  :(

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Blossom 2015-11-19 23:03:20
It means your mate is cheating pay close attention

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mary 2015-09-08 12:30:22
I dream of a black dog the dog spoke to me how are you ,that dog spoke to me

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Savi 2015-08-01 19:22:36
To dream of a black dog denotes disappointment from the one you trust the most. It's deceit and treachery from the one you consider closest to you !!!

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jason tompkins 2015-07-20 08:35:59
What does it mean when a black german shepherd appears and starts barking then tears your throat out? cause thats the dream i just had and i wasnt even asleep for 5 minutes.

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Devin Williams 2015-07-17 23:46:00
I apologize now, this is a slightly lengthy story.

There is a particular dream I've been having for several nights a week for the past few months and I'm still confused as to what it may mean. If anyone can read this and give me some insight, I'd be incredibly appreciative, as it repeats the same way almost every time, with a few changes here and there.

The dream begins with me in my early fourties. Given how I'm twenty one, this alone is a bit odd. I'm somebody who has come into a fair deal of wealth and I'm quite well off, investing intelligently and keeping my funds well rounded. On a particular day [as I spend several nights within this dream at a time], I came across a beautiful pitch black dog. Light didn't bounce off of it's coat, as if it were being taken elsewhere and sent off. The dog was friendly enough, and even to the degree he followed me home.

He became a lifelong friend within this dream, and there was a point a man had come in. Wearing a suit, black and grey,with a sharply pointed nose and beady blue eyes. Wispy white hair covered atop his head and before he could get a word out, the dog spoke. Yelling out a single word. 'Bastard!' and proceeded to chase the man out of the house.

After that, things go dark, and I wake to my late seventies. The dog is still with me, showing signs of age on his muzzle, and he seemed to be in the same shape as I was. Pain rocked my body and my back, and moving seemed to be a chore. I could tell somebody was laying next to me, but I didn't bother to check for some reason. The dog whines, nibbling at my fingertips and as I get up, I decide to hit the bathroom quickly on my end.

The moment I do, he grabs the sleeve of my robe and begins pulling me towards the door, frantic at that, as if he were frightened for some reason, or just frightened for me. I dropped onto a knee, and held the dog close to me, hugging him gently and running my haggard fingers through his silky coat.

"What's wrong, big guy? You can't possibly be spooked." I told him, still hugging him tightly to me. And he whispered a single word as he rest his head on my shoulder.

"Hide". Immediately, I hear a click of what I can only guess to be a gun and with a blast of pain, I wake up everytime.

I have no idea what this means, and if any other information about the dream itself is needed, I will appreciate it immensely.

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Susan 2015-06-20 02:44:51
My sister and I had a similar dream. I am the youngest and she is the eldest. It was about being in a large apartment complex where the middle sister lived, but it didn't look like the actual apartment complex where she currently lives. Then sometime in the dream a medium/large black dog my sister said it looked like a german shepherd in her dream it came to her like it was asking for help. In my dream the dog looked at me and it seemed to be trying to tell me something then it was weak and I had to lift it into a truck that belonged to my middle sister (her 1st vehicle). After I had the dream my niece, the daughter of my middle sister had emergency surgery and it went well. My eldest sister had her dream recently. We can't see what has happened around her life or in our family yet. Why would we have similar dreams at different times? Almost 6 months apart?

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Tina camille 2015-06-15 13:03:40
Last night I dreamed of a huge shiny coated black lab, he was friendly and with my dog whose part pointer/coon hound. My dog doesnt get along with other dogs. Well except laydi.anyway I thought it strange. Well i notice the lab was mirroring mine. Laying when he lay.walking when he walked. .my dog has heart worms. He's been on slow kill method. So is the dream bad??

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Rem 2015-05-24 04:12:09
I had a dream a giant emaciated vicious black dog had got up on it's hind legs and screamed at me in a horrible voice "there is no God" over and over. It was definitely the worst dream I've ever had.

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burnice 2015-05-19 21:39:17
Hi everyone I had a dream on the 17 may a big black dog was holding me down and I could not move I can't say if I was awake or a sleep but I could not talk or move when I could move I woke my man up crying sum people say it everything in my past that I didn't forgive that I have to change that before I can give my heart to my father in heaven and I was reading this page and I don't want anything bad to happen to anyone I love can u please help me and tall me what this dream means thank u so much

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PP 2015-07-10 15:34:19
\\Hi there.....

check out, sleep paralysis...
i don't mean to scare you...

just do it...

you had someone there watching you ..

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Spirit 2015-04-27 07:26:18
I just had a dream a black dog came up to me in my parents house he came through the glass window like a ghost. I wasn't sure if he was aggressive or friendly at first. I backed away and sat down on the couch. He jumped up and laid down next to me. Just looking at me for about 7 seconds. Some how the dream faded to me being outside in the woods where some old grumpy people were living. The dog was with me too. As I walked through the woods trying to get home the black dog stayed with me acting like a protector not leaving my side. I knew this dog was good. I'm thinking this might have something to with the my evil manager leaving her job so I guess I came to terms with those aspects of myself that are negative.

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Someone 2015-04-10 16:59:57
This is the second time ive been dreaming of a black dog. All i remeber is that i was with some friends at this house and i see packs and packs of vicious black dogs trying to kill us. They were attacking us but most of my dream i was the only one there trying to defend myself. I was killing them with a knife and a flashlights, hiting them with it. I woke up during the fight and im not so sure what this means. But ik its something not gd. Can someone please explain?

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Someone 2015-04-10 16:56:03
I had a dream i was swimming with sharks and i was breathing in the water. They werent attack me and i could feel them but get away from them. I saw a whole and saw a black dog go through it and i followed. I see myself outside but once i step outside i fall down the stairs. I see the dog laying on the ground in pain. And for a split second im outside watching what just happened. I see the dog coming out of the whole and fell and its hurt. Then i see myself come out and fall and hurt. the black dog and I both hurt our backs. Even though im in pain I go to the black dog, pick it up and i see my aunt and she tries tl help him. I say to the dog its going to be ok dont worry ur fine. After my aunt is helping the dog she comes to me and cracks my back in almost all the spots that have knots. And then i woke up. This is a strange dream and i dnt know what this means, please help!

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