Dream Dictionary Black Horse

Dream Dictionary Black Horse

Horses are a unique animal.

Dream Black Horse
Dream Dictionary Black Horse, Dreaming of a Black Horse, what it Means

If you live in an area where there is a lot of arming and not so many cars, then horses can be the chief mode of transportation and in that sense they are incredibly useful and important to sustaining the local economy. In another sense horses are entirely useless. They are used by mounted policemen in many areas but really serve no function other than to be slightly more intimidating because despite how trained they are animals have an element of unpredictability and thus of fear associated with them.

A black horse is known to be one of the hardest to train because this is what pop culture tells us. In reality the pigment of a horse has little to do with how ornery it will be when you attempt to train it, but don’t tell that to the Hollywood producers or they might lose a job over it. The important thing to remember is that if you dream that you are a black horse, this type of dream usually stems out of feelings of grace combined with uselessness and usefulness only in a specific area.

A dream in which you are a Blackhorse shows that you feel as if you have a few attributes of yourself that are great and really bring a lot to the table but at the same time you feel hampered from being able to express them because of the environment that you are in. You are restricted and unable to display those skills which you feel make you more useful and brave to everyone around you. In other words, you haven’t found the right social group or the right friends to complement your interests and abilities.

If you dream you are a black horse then what this might be suggesting is that you need to go out and find some new friends. This does not mean you need to abandon your old friends all together, it just means that if you get some new friends it is possible that they will understand you a little bit better than your old friends did. Even if you are not as close to them at first, the potential for growth is there and you should not squander it, because it will lead to greater happiness for you in the end. You basically just need a venue for self expression and you are not finding it where you are in life currently.

Another dream involving black horses is where you dream that you are riding a black horse. To dream of riding a black horse suggests that you feel that you have mastered a particular task .Something has jumped in your way and thrown you for a loop in life and you needed to figure it out and master it. It was hard for you to do so at first, but you got it eventually and now that you have the hang of it you feel like a more accomplished person because of it. Congratulations!

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Goatuscrow 2018-08-11 01:17:23
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I had a dream where a black horse was in a crib and while I was talking to someone it tried to jump out and be with me. I told it that it had to stay inside... then it jumped out and I was holding it as if it were a child. I don't remember words, but it was speaking to me.
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