Dream Dictionary Black Man

Dream Dictionary Black Man

To dream that you are a black man, in the African American sense is to say that you feel like an outcast.

Dream Black Man
Dream Dictionary Black Man, Dreaming of a Black Man and What it Means About You

Unfortunately as much as we have tried to include other cultures into our melting pot society recently, we have failed to give many of them the same rights that whites enjoy all around the world. This is working out terribly for all involved and the system needs to be reformed, we realize this. However the issue is too big for any one person to handle or even any group, so we must look to others for assistance.

What this dream in which you are a black man suggests is that you feel as if you can help the cause to help other black men gain rights in the world today. They are dismally respected (not at all) in society today and even though it’s gotten better in the last hundred years or so, it wasn’t long before that that all African Americans were slaves. You feel as though that is an injustice and you want to do all that you can to stop it. Basically this dream suggests that you have gone through a very racially sensitive change and are ready to see people from different viewpoints and perspectives. This is a good sign and will serve you well in the future.

To dream that you see a black man, as in a man who is literally the color black and may not necessarily be of African descent suggests that there is some mystery person in your life that you are trying to figure out. Have you been introduced to a new person recently or is there someone that you are trying to figure out? Perhaps you are looking to meet new people and this would present itself as an excellent opportunity to do just that. Maybe you need to get to know someone that you already know just a little bit better.

Something like this as a symbol might also suggest that the person you are dreaming of has a secret to hide. If you can make out who the person is, then this is probably the person that you are suspicious of in real life. If you cannot make out the person’s face, then try and look at their facial shape and this will tip you off to who they are if you are good at remembering facial structures.

Another dream involving a black man is if you dream that your skin is literally black as night. Not an actual skin pigment, but just the color black solely. If you have this color of skin in your dreams then it might suggest that you have something that you are trying to hide from the rest of the world. You are not being true to those around you even though you might be true to yourself. You have to ask yourself what is more important. Keeping secrets? Or letting them out?

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