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When you have a dream that you see a black rabbit, what this means is that you have found something elusive. Black rabbits are some of the best animals at remaining camouflaged in their natural environments. If they are in the forest, they have much more cover in the shadows and under piles of leaves than white rabbits do, since white rabbits stick out like a sore thumb and black rabbits can blend into their surroundings. In addition rabbits also live in holes that they dig for themselves, so a black rabbit has even more cover underground when you can’t separate its body in a crevice from another diverging path in the dirt.

Basically, the point of all that rambling is that rabbits are hard to catch; and black rabbits are even harder to catch. When you dream that you sight or that you catch a black rabbit it means that you have finally found the answer to a question that has been eluding you for some time. You have finally figured out something that you needed to know for a while and you have finally got a grasp on things yourself. This could be the type of thing that took you a long time to figure out or it could be the type of thing that you found the answer to relatively shortly. But either way, I was a question that had been vexing you and you finally found the answer. It could also be you found a literal item that you had been looking for, for some time too.

To dream that you are a black rabbit means that you feel cowardly. The rabbit is not necessarily afraid so much as it is very skittish. A black rabbit is both invisible to us and skittish. It is not actually invisible, just very hard to see, and thus it feels as if it is not even there at all. When you feel invisible it is because you feel that you are not making a dent on society, you are not making a change which you see as integral to the experience of life. You feel as though people look right through you when they are talking to you rather than actually paying attention to you.

Combine this with your naturally scared personality, and nobody will ever be able to get close to you. You close yourself off and shut yourself down so that nobody can reach you deep down. You hide yourself from others and do so because you are scared of being judged, yet it is exactly this attitude of fear which causes them to judge you. You need to try and make yourself stand out more to the general population, and especially to your friends if they are a group that you think has trouble noticing you too. Otherwise you will always blend into the background and your worst dreams will be proven true. Don’t let yourself go unnoticed.
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Belle 2017-04-08 22:52:19
I dreamed I was taking care of a black baby bunny and a kitten. There was an adult white cat I knew might hurt them if it got in. It did eventually, someone left a door open and I had to quickly guard the rabbit and kitten by scooping the white cat up and putting it outside the room. I felt a deep sense of obligatiin of protect these baby animals.Feels like its symbolic and connected to my devotion to protecting and guarding recently uncovered elements of human personality of myself and my partner, like vulnerability, gentleness, love, deep feeling and sensitivity. I want to protect and keep safe these precious elements from anything that in its nature can be aggressive and blindly destructive. Partially because they're so "young" and innocent. They need protection and are just so beautiful

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Candy 2017-02-12 08:18:47
I dreamed that a black rabbits face was in my face and when I woke it was gone. Was very sleek and shiny

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Christina 2016-12-11 07:06:26
I had a dream lastnight that began at a place outside and pretty, short ,green grass but not to short because it could still flow with the wind and there where some boat houses and there was still light out and in my dream i was thinking about this boy that ive had feelings for in reality and a black bunny came over and led me to a porch and sat down and so i sat down too and he done some kind of gester i dont remeber to signal a mother bunny out and then her baby and i remember petting the baby and it was the sofest thing i had ever felt and then came out a cat and her kitten that i petted then i remember feeling a lot better and in my dream i was telling someone about it and i was signaling the bunny to come out by stomping my foot in the rythme as a rabbit would and when the person asked why, i said ''because the bunnies blind so he communicates with thumping because he can feel the vibrations and knows where to go'' i cant remeber if the bunny showed up or not but the dream was at a beautiful out doors place and i was not happy and in the end i had become joyful and was enjoying the fact that i had met the bunny and its ability to help me.

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Sabrina 2016-11-01 12:02:11
I had a really weird dream last night. I was watching a movie in it or perhaps even dreaming within the dream. There was first a fash of a mother. Then and umbilical coard. Followed by flashes of white and black swirls and flashes of satanic images and the words "are you conditioned by the devil?" I couldn't look at the images rapidly flashing as I was afraid of sublimal messaging as I did not know it was a dream. When I got out of that I was in a tent, alone. Before having those visions my sister and a friend were with me. I got out of the tent and a group of children were sitting outside of it. I asked were my friends went and they said they didn't know. My house appeared and I went inside looking for my sister. My brother was in his room with the children from outside. I asked were my sister was and he told me she and my friend went out to eat. I told him about my dream and looked out the window my tent was collapse and there was a dead animal outside of it. I started to freak out and felt very confused. My brother told me not to worry and said a kid is out there now cleaning it up. Then a little girl came in holding a black rabbit cut in half. I looked it right in its blank gaze then woke up. Freaked me out I never really have dreams that vivid and certainly never that dark. I feel that it is loaded with sybolism but can't quite make any sense of it. Anyone have any ideas of what that could possibly mean?

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Inle 2015-10-29 07:30:30
I dreamt that I was the black rabbit, and that I was given a mission to guide someone home.

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Liz 2015-07-27 16:30:08
I dreamt a black rabbit came out of a corner in my house, came outside and cuddled me next to my skin while I was wearing a sheet.

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Devin 2015-09-24 21:50:12
I had that before! It was licking me in the face.

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Peter (Rabbit) 2014-12-11 08:26:08
I dreamed about a large glossy black rabbit at 5.45 am 11.12.2014. I knelt and stroked his lustrous black fur.

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Cisco 2013-10-31 20:18:29
My wife had a dream of a black rabbit in a bar that was called the big boston. She said i fed the rabbit and that it had two eyes one was on the back of its head and it was human like.

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Shellack 2016-07-10 19:06:47
Was this AFTER your wife had been to the bar?

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