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If you dream that you are a wolf, this means that you see a fierce loner spirit in yourself. Wolves are the type of animal that cannot be trained. You can take one out of the world and raise it as your own, but they resist domestication and will resort back to their original predator style attacks if given the chance. There is something about their instincts which prevents them from being able to act the same way that other wolves do. You are this type of person. You cannot be tamed by anyone and have an individual outlook on life. You cannot be swayed or changed no matter who is suggesting that you do. But dreaming that you are a black wolf puts that in an even more complex context still, because black wolves are the most individualist of the already individuals. They may travel in a pack, but the rest of the pack follows them instinctively. Perhaps this means that you feel as if you have the potential to be able to lead your own exiled group of outsiders. You feel as if you are an individual but also have the power to change minds and hearts of other people around you. You are a born leader.

To dream that you have witnessed a black wolf is a very bad omen indeed. The black wolf is associated with being a harbinger of death and doom. Even though it may or may not be the case that black wolves are dangerous, we have already associated them culturally with an overwhelming and foreboding sense of danger. We are afraid of them and we think that if we see one, something bad will happen. This does not mean the wolf itself will attack you, but it means that you will have very bad luck, bordering on life threatening luck. This is about 800 times worse than seeing a black cat in your dreams. This could be a warning that the death of a loved one, or even your own is on the way. Take care to avoid precarious situations and always go in for medical checkups until you witness a good omen again.

To have a black wolf attack you in your dreams, is supposed to give off the same sense of foreboding and danger as a regular black wolf in your dreams, but to a greater extent of urgency. To be attacked by the black wolf suggests that you cannot run from your problems and you cannot avoid the inevitable. You must do all you can to try and keep away from the fearsome beast. Obviously unless you are a mountaineer you probably donít come into contact with real black wolves on a daily basis, so it is likely that this is just a sign, still, do not take it lightly. It could mean the difference between life and death.
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Taryn 2015-08-17 03:20:56
I don't know if this has anything to do with a leader but 'I was running from something big and fast I didn't know what it was and tried to look behind me but I fell over a root and the thing turned out to be a whole pack of wolves then all I remember is a whole lot of pain and bones cracking I saw a pond and looked at my reflection to see what was wrong with me and it turned out that I was the alpha of the pack that was after me only I had no idea that I was after a while of running I stopped and could smell a strong alpha smell that I had smelt before then I realised that he was my mate' I then awoke sweating and shaking like I had been running for miles but in the dream I was the black wolf and the wolves in the pack were all white. Does anyone know what this means if you have some kind of insight please email me: tarynrowe02@yahoo.com.au if you have some kind of information for me.

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Tiarna 2015-08-12 02:34:47
My dream happens every night
I'm in an open field, there is me and a black wolf, but the pack is in the woods I see their eyes glowing. The moon is bright a full. It has red eyes and it howls, it runs and jumps on me pinning me to the ground, and it growls low a few times gets off me and runs into the woods the pack follows it then I wake up sore all over

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Adamaris 2015-08-10 21:17:24
I ha a dream i had to get to this place and when i was about to reach it a black wolf comes and attacks me it bites me in my shoulder and then in the middle of my arm and me and these other kids my age fight it off
And we end up killing it but then i see blood over me and i wake up with my hand hurting  ?)

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nate 2015-07-26 17:16:12
but it doesn't make sense the black dog or wolf was complimenting me and the future I'll be given.

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Astara 2015-08-11 12:00:12
Nate same here, the black wolf is a guide to me now, protecting.

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Cjpice 2015-07-18 08:52:03
Some time I have dreams about being an alpha and have two twin beta's in my pack and it's very strange for me at my age

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Kai 2015-07-10 04:37:35
I had a dream three times in my childhood , it only occurred when I slept in one specific room.

In my dream I would wake up and look out the window. We live in south Texas so there aren't many large trees, mainly just open land. We live on a ranch on top of that.
Anyways in my dream I look out the window to see beyond the fenceline a black wolf with red eyes just glaring at me.

I never thought anything of it until it was brought up over Thanksgiving dinner once. Apparently my dad, uncle, and younger cousin had the EXACT same dream, all of whom slept in that same room.

I found it as a funny coincidence this was in the mid 90s, i hadn't had a dream about that wolf since that time until 2013. I went through a horrible break up, and I was in a dark place. For THREE solid months I had the same recurring nightmare.

I'm walking passed a wooden sign saying "Jefferson County" the trees seem to be what I assume a redwood looks like. Nothing native to my area, everything is in color until I come to a clearing. In the clearing I see that childhood horror. The black wolf with the red eyes glaring at me, with blood trickling down its face, I look down to see it consuming what appears to be a baby of some sort. I start to run everything goes black and white as the woods seem to never end, then I would wake up. That happened 5 out of 7 nights a week for three months.

I thought it was because my ex wanted to have a child and I knew we weren't prepared for that yet. I always thought that was my subconscious acting itself out.
Well the dreams hadn't reoccurred until recently. A few days ago recently. Except this time when I see that wolf, I don't run, I stand my ground only for him to strike at me and I feel what I imagine is fire in my stomach and everything goes black.
If there is anyone who may have any kind of insight about anything please contact me!
I'm obviously here searching for answers from maybe someone who can enlighten me on what this could mean, if anything at all?

My email is roderickkaisalinas@gmail.com
Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated as this has been a mystery for about 20 years!!! Thank you!

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Aaron 2015-05-29 08:36:38
This one time I had dreamed and awoken in a field surrounded by trees and was lost then I heard a wolf howl and there is a white wolf coming towards me an circles me like predator to prey and starts to growl then gets ready to lunge at me but another wolf howl was heard an a black wolf steps in front of me then circles the white wolf and they basically fight each other, the white wolf was beaten and bloodied but the black wolf was unscathed then me waking up. But a week after I woke up in the same place but the whole area was surrounded by drumming and singing and when I tried to leave I ended up where I started but I met the same black wolf and he watched me struggle to find the way out then he brushes his tail on my leg and hints me to follow him so I do and the area I was in had louder drumming and singing with blankets on every branch of every tree but the black wolf showed me how to move around the blankets without touching them an then there was two enormous blankets hanging as if it was gates. The singing and drumming was even louder an fast as well then the black wolf begins to open the blankets with a white light flushing through my eyes and sadly wake up after that.

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Andrine 2015-05-24 11:46:22
I had this dream where i was at a hospital there was a wolf there a black wolf, we... Suddenly got in love he watched over me at the end i walked out of the hospital i was standing at the trainline thingy i remembered this dream before i could die of three things a lady with a knife, a train and me getting shot he saved me from all of them he held me in his hands he needed blood he was about to die i knew we were dead but it was like we were ghosts and he would dissapear without blood gawd it's so hard to explain i didn't put all the details there it's too much and after i woke up i wanted to cry.

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Mackenzie 2015-05-17 09:51:43
I had a dream of a huge black wolf almost like bear wolf hybrid. He was in my old backyard and just hunched over and attacked me but only bit my hand until I looked him in his deep Amber eyes and he squealed and let go. I stayed to pet him and make sure he was not going to attack again and jumped over the fence and ran. I do not remember if he followed or not, that's the last I remember.

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Kiti 2015-05-11 05:53:15
I have been having this same dream for about two weeks now and the most the same dream has been repeated for me was about one so it really started to freak me out. But this huge, black wolf that would come up to my mid torso (I'm 5" 4') pushed open my bedroom door and stick its head in. I would sit up and look at it. At first I wasn't scared just confused. Then when it saw me, it came in all the way and growled and crouched in a strike position. After that it leapt at me and I gasped but I didn't yell and then I would wake up.

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Nio 2015-05-05 10:51:16
I had this dream where I was sitting in my mom's room, and this black wolf was running down the hill and hit my window. I laughed at it, teasing it through the window with my pillows and blankets. It started to calm down, and it just stared at me.

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Jake 2015-05-01 07:44:03
I live in the woods which is usually cool. But I have been getting this dream lately. It's a little different every time but the last one went like this. I was standing outside my house looking into the woods,and through the trees I see a large herd of deer running. Then gunshots and some of the deer get hit, then the black wolf appears and its not chasing the deer but running with them. All of a sudden it peels off from the herd and comes at me. Its eyes glow red right before it kills me. Note I wasn't the one shooting at the deer more did I see who was shooting. I just wonder what it means.

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Serena 2015-04-26 23:08:30
In my dream I was out in the snow. I saw a wolf pup then a black wolf. it then lunged at me and i ripped it in half by its jaws with my bare hands. This repeated three times til the last time when it died then turned into ice wind and attacked me again.

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Myra 2015-04-12 04:16:10
I had a dream I was in my bedroom, alone with my small jack russell dog, who would normally bark at any anything outside, but she was quietly sleeping. I heard the sounds of rustling outside the window, and a HUGE black wolf appeared before me. The window was open but there was a screen in-between us. I was right at the window, and placed my hand on the top of the part of the window that I could close in case I felt potential harm, but the wold, as large as it was, and its breath as heaving as it was, I wanted to feel it, and be with it...I was able to do this knowing I could close the window at any time. I was a little scared but in awe, and then I saw 3 other wolves in the background rooting around in the ground. All of a sudden, I wondered where my daughter was, and I went to the from door to find her sitting there on the front steps. I was so scared for her, I rushed towards her...but then, I calmly retreated my anxiety about the situation and let her know in a calm voice to be careful because there were wolves around the corner.

That was the dream I had 5 months ago. My daughter is fine, but my husband had a nervous breakdown, and possibly going insane. He hasn't been able to work. It's been the hardest challenge wondering if he will ever recover, although now all the little weird things along the way of our marriage are coming together for me more clearly now. His family is begging me not to leave him for fear he will commit suicide. But they keep saying they don't know how I am coping. They say they don't know how I can love him, because he is so miserable. The truth is, I don't, and I haven't for a while. But every time I try to leave, either he breaks a bone and I have to take care of him, and now its his brain. I do have compassion and love for him, but now I realize he has had problems all along. I don't know if this has anything to do with the wolf dream but it had a huge impact on me, and I plan to paint a picture of me through the window sniffing the breath of the big black wolf, that's what I was doing. That's what I remember also so clearly in the dream, the warm breath of a wild beast and wanting to inhale its essence with the safety of knowing I could shut the window at any moment...but I never did. It was only until I saw the other wolves that I worried. There were also 4 wolves. I have 4 in my family. My husband, son and daughter and myself.....

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Deaf lady 2015-03-27 04:05:16
I slept 10pm. I woke up 11pm. I saw big black wolf. The wolf standing there and looking at me. I though my dog. I turn my head and my dog right next to me. My dog sleeping. I turn back . The wolf still there. Standing and looking at me. Wolf didnt come after me. Then the wolf gone. So do you think am I leader?

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