Dream Dictionary Black Woman

Dream Dictionary Black Woman

To dream of a black woman suggests that you are feeling particularly sensitive to ideals of human rights lately.

Dream Black Woman
Dream Dictionary Black Woman, Dreaming of a Black Woman and What it May Say About You

Human rights have been traditionally violated for both black people and women over the course of the past few centuries. In fact, they continue to be violated for both of these groups even today despite all of the different anti-discriminatory legislation that has been passed in the past few centuries as well, but mostly in the last few decades. It may be quite some time before black people and women are able to enjoy the same rights as white Americans. To dream that you are helping a black woman suggests that you feel the need to make up for all of the oppression for it must be extremely unfortunate to be both black and a woman in this cultural climate today. This is very important and should be noted. You desire to help those whose rights are being violated and are starting with people at home that need the most help. You would be a great candidate for the Peace Corps.

To dream that you are a black woman suggests that you feel fiercely undervalued by those around you. Unfortunately there is much discrimination against both black people and women today and they are often excluded by social circles. Some of this racism and sexism is actually pervasive in laws and edicts of the country, but some of this information is coded into our brains and we do not even realize that what we are doing is racist or exclusive. This could be the situation for you. Maybe you are not aware that what you are doing is racist. Either way, you feel as if you are being treated the same way that you see these unfortunate members of society being treated.

You feel as if you are being excluded from many social circles and from being able to choose what you want to do in life. You are being kept out of many social groups and feel as if you are a pariah. The only way to make sure that you are re-included into the social groups that you wish to be a part of is to be more assertive. If it weren’t for good old Martin Luther King and his assertions that black people deserve the same rights as whites, then they still might not have the rights that they deserve even to this day. It is all about asserting and inserting yourself .Show that you have a lot to add to social discussions and make sure that you know what your talents are. You need to know what you can add and why you are important just as much as the rest of society does. If there is a reason why people should pay attention to you then show them, so that they know.

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