Dream Dictionary Bleacher

Dream Dictionary Bleacher

To dream that you are on the bleachers and cheering on someone else suggests that you have immense pride in that person that you are cheering for.

Dream Bleacher
Dream Dictionary Bleacher, Dreaming of Bleachers and what This Says About You

You truly respect that person and think that they add a lot to your life merely in existing. This suggests that you have an immense ability for empathy and for the ability to understand where someone else is coming from. This is a hard thing to understand for most people, the idea that other people can be as important as or more important than themselves. You realize it though, and are betting all your efforts on that other person. So how about it, do you recognize them?

To dream that you are playing a sport and have been sent to the bleachers symbolizes failure. You put forth your best effort but it simply wasn’t good enough, and now someone else is being sent in to pick up after you and make up for your mistakes. This might lead to feelings of bitterness or anger towards the person taking over for you, but try not to feel that way. Ultimately the coach was the one that chose them to succeed you, not anyone else, so you should be mad at the forces that brought you both into this situation and angry at yourself for failing. Under most circumstances being angry at oneself is not traditionally helpful, but in sports as in some areas of life, it can give someone the drive to succeed more than they ever have before.

To dream that you are being sent to the bleachers can also symbolize the idea that you feel a loss of potential. There was something that you were once in the running for or once felt like you had the capacity to accomplish, but one foolish misstep that occurred here put you in a position too close to failure. Now you do not think that you can make up for your losses and the only way out is to choose a new path. You will no longer reach the goal that you set out to reach in the first place, but there are other methods you can try, this is not the last hope. Just remember that.

To dream that you are sitting on an empty set of bleachers suggests loneliness and feelings of desperation. You feel as though you have no friends around you to accompany you to social events and you think that you are not necessary in the lives of anyone else. You feel as if you are an appendage on a body that you cannot control and an underused appendage at that. If you really are feeling this way in real life you might want to consult a therapist. They are great with situations like this and will know just what to tell you to make you feel like a more worthy and reliable member of society.

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