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When you dream that you have a bloody mouth, relating to the above description of what it means to get a bloody mouth, this would naturally mean that you have been participating in self-destructive activities. Sometimes you might do something bad for you and then immediately dream of a bleeding mouth, prompting you to stop, but honestly in most cases it takes more than that to get someoneís attention. In many cases a person will dream of a bleeding mouth time after time before they realize what it is trying to tell them, and by then it might be too late.

If you dream that you have a bleeding mouth it means that you have been doing something lately that you know is bad for you, and you continue to do it. A dream like this is usually a warning to stop doing that activity at all costs, lest you seriously endanger yourself. You need to stop what you are doing immediately if you hope to live and carryon unimpeded. This activity can be something relatively harmless like drinking. If you dream that you have a bleeding mouth after drinking a lot (assuming you are not an alcoholic to begin with) then this could just be your mind overreacting. You are scared that you will become an alcoholic even if the chance of that is relatively small. Do not let something like this get to you, just take it into account the next time you go on a drinking binge. What do you really want out of this activity? Ask yourself that.

To dream of a bleeding mouth may also suggest that you rush into things too clearly without thinking them over beforehand. When you eat too fast, sometimes you can overreact and bite your tongue or the sides of your mouth causing bleeding. What a dream like this would suggest is that you are going to hurt yourself if you keep rushing things. Sometimes it is necessary to your own well being to go out and simply consider what you are getting yourself into before you make rash decisions.

This does not mean that you should not be doing those things; all it means is that you should think harder about your responsibilities and what you are doing to yourself before you go on making decisions. What is lacking here is a personal sense of responsibility. In order to be happy and in good health in the future, you need to calm down and learn to sort things out before rushing into big decisions. This is the most important artifact of information for you to cling onto for future use. In the end, you will be a bit more adult for having listened to it and following order.
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anne 2016-03-19 16:13:49
Hi guys I had a nightmare that my husband sat up and he was in his housecoat and blood was pouring out his mouth , I actually pulled myself from the nightmare can anyone help yy x

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Dee 2015-10-11 20:08:46
I was on an aeroplane (I have a fear of flying) with my Mother, just the two of us, I told my Mother I felt sick so she passed me a sick bag & I proceeded to have blood flow out of my mouth into the bag & I could see myself in the dream as if I was watching the whole thing. I rarely dream or at least I don't recall my dreams & never a bad dream if I do - what can this mean? Thank you

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Just Me 2015-09-28 11:47:43
I had a dream that my husband's mouth was bleeding but somehow it was linked to a chip and he had 2 one setup by his sister and the other by me. If he tried to use the one setup by his sister he bleeds from his mouth.

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Ms 2015-09-16 09:21:44
OMG- thank you so much this interpretation was so right.
in real life I have been pushing myself to reach my goals all in one month, getting a new apartment, getting a car, take my brother to college and my son to school also going back to varsity next year, I doesn't mean I cant achieve all these things- but simply means that I need to do one thing at a time. at the moment im not really in need of a car. thank you for this it has really helped me in deciding how to tackle all these goals..

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Oh my god 2014-12-18 14:13:02
This waa beyond correct. It touched on every single aspect. Especially the "You need to think about the consequences and you'll be more adult after acting on them." I took my boyfriend back (kind of) after he cheated on me. I haven't been sure why. He doesn't even make me happy anymore since he did that. Lately I think 24/7 "What am I even doing? Why am I still here?" Then I had this dream. I have never had a dream about my mouth bleeding before, and I never ever look upmy dreams. Anyways. I know that me taking him back is also childish and I've been thinking "You need to let this go. It's the right thing to do." I'm 20 years old and dealing with this for the first time. Ihave been feeling like I need to do the adult thing and leave. This really amazed me.

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Allen Dolgonos 2014-07-14 19:11:36
this is diffrent. I had a dream where to robbers came into my house and I punched them both in the belly then they started bleeding from there mouth. I am 9 years old. I wonder what that means

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agent smacks 2014-10-13 23:26:49
it means you watch to much T.V

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LIN 2013-12-01 00:36:31

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nataly 2013-11-14 18:44:42
I just had my appendix removed and went back a month after surgery due to an infection. I think was because i thought i was better i started eating what i love, sweets, chips, and not so healthy food....now i am scared, before reading this, i asked myself, do you really want to go back to the hospital for not eating right?..nop....then i had the bloody mouth dream, found this, and ia just what i thought...thx sooo much for making it clear......

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ana 2013-10-01 12:27:02
i smoke and i have this dream do u think it's that?

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alex 2013-04-08 08:59:00
I drink and smoke like 2 times a week and im always thinking that it will affect my health one day maybe that's why I had that dream

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Clare 2012-11-14 15:15:10
That was so correct in every sense of the word. Thank you so much.

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unknown 2012-08-08 00:29:16
I dream a few times about a woman with a bleeding mouth and when I read this it exactly explaining what I'm going trough, taking big decisions in a rush, its amazing how it can be so related and my dream exactly represent my reality.

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