Dream Dictionary Blonde

Dream Dictionary Blonde

To dream of being blonde suggest that you have finally come to accept your outer beauty.

Dream Blonde
Dream Dictionary Blonde, Dreaming of Being a Blonde: What it Says About You

As important as it is to realize your own inner beauty, outer beauty is just as important to our culture. Inner beauty is important to focus on, but once you know that you are a good person that is worth being loved, you should also realize that you are an attractive person as well. You would be surprised at the number of attractive people that refuse to accept that they are attractive, blondes included. A dream like this suggests that you have been thinking about your own attractiveness level lately and have decided that you are indeed an attractive person. Even though this may seem like it is not that big of a deal or an occasion for celebration, this is something that many people never get the fortune of experiencing their entire lives. Count yourself lucky.

Another reason that you might dream that you are blonde is because you feel like you are not as learned as the rest of the crowd you are around. A typical reason that you might have a dream like this is if you got a new job, and were introduced to your peers that had all been doing the same line of work for years. You are not exactly unintelligent as being blonde would suggest, but you admittedly do not know as much as the rest of them do and it will be a tough learning process competing with those that know so much about what you are doing.

If you are truly feeling like you’re stupid it might be necessary for you to have a little reality check and realize that it does not matter that much towards your overall intelligence if you simply do not understand the subject matter right now. You will one day learn. The thing that will help get you through this time is just to remember that everyone in the room that seems to be so much smarter than you was in the exact same position as you when they first started. You are not the odd one out forever, and soon you will be among them to train the new trainee when someone else gets a job there. There are a multitude of other reasons why you might feel stupid in a situation, this is just one example.

Finally, if you have a dream in which everyone is blonde but you, this signifies that you are in a position where you feel as if you are not being understood and that the group of people that you are speaking with is incompetent overall. The people that are around you all seem to be less intelligent than you. The worst fallacy you could make though would be to actually believe that. This does not mean that everyone is below you. They simply don’t get it. Find a better way of explaining and leave your superiority complex at the door.

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