Dream Dictionary Bloody Face

Dream Dictionary Bloody Face

The forecast is not good for someone that dreams that they have a bloody face, for all of the reasons mentioned above.

Dream Bloody Face
Dream Dictionary Bloody Face, Dreaming that You Have a Bloody Face: A Frightening Omen

The only reason that someone gets a bloody face is if they get in some kind of horrible accident or a horrible deliberate situation. Either way, both of these situations involve the adjective “Horrible” being applied to them because they really are. You cannot have a dream about a bloody face and expect the outcome to be a positive one.

If you have a dream in which one of your friends has a bloody face, this means that you probably think that that friend is in danger. Has your friend perhaps joined a gang? Did they tell you about a gnarly mountain that they plan on climbing soon without a guide and without help? Though you might not be a psychic, even the most psychically disabled person can tell that this type of behavior could potentially result in unmitigated danger for the friend involved. You need to be the good friend here and tell your friend not to get involved in these activities which he or she knows are dangerous. The dream is a reflection of your stress over their safety.

To dream that you are the one with the bloody face signifies that you feel you are in major danger as well. This can partially act as a prediction of future events. Something is coming up soon which could potentially be dangerous for you, and you are not ready for it. The obvious suggestion would be to do whatever you could to get out of the thing, but chances are you would have already done that if you could. The only thing you can do now is accept the challenge and hope that you don’t fail at it. Hopefully though you will have the full ability to change your future and can simply opt not to participate in the dangerous activity.

Some people sign up to do ridiculous stunts all for a chance at getting media coverage such as in the once popular MTV show Jackass. It is possible that you are in such a situation. The media is a popular motivator. You feel like you are failing in front of an audience if you don’t deliver on your promises to accomplish certain tasks. The fact is though; you should value your life more than you value the approval of people that you will most likely never meet. You need to really think about what is important to you and what is important to those people that are watching you. In the best case scenario they will see you, applaud you, and forget you. In the worst case scenario you could possibly die and end up having much worse than the bloody face that you saw yourself with in the dream. Please do yourself a favor and don’t do anything stupid.

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Gn 2018-07-23 13:20:52
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There was a saint statue put in a carrier and it was filled with blood all over its place
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Casey 2017-02-27 21:09:35
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No. Like, there was a crowd and right through all the people there was this lady. With her bangs cut not sure what color hair, but she looked at me and said "its not me". Then blood ran down her face, but only her face. I don't know but I could sleep good the rest of that night
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