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If you dream that you have a bloody nose, what this might suggest is that you have been too harsh on your body lately. Though your body might not be showing any signs of damage, sometimes these are not necessary to conclude that you have been a little too rough with it. Even though you might not see a cut or a bruise, on the inside your body is feeling abused. This is why you are dreaming of a bloody nose, it is the only way for your body to warn you that you have been mistreating yourself. Have you been doing too much smoking or drinking lately? Have you been doing worse drugs than that? Have you been participating in dangerous and unnecessary sports challenges? These might all be reasons that you dream that you have a bloody nose.
If you dream that you have a bloody nose it can also be because you feel like you have a case of whiplash in real life. This is not to refer to a literal case of whiplash, but more of a metaphorical kind. You have just gone through a major change, and your mind needs a bit more time to catch up to your surroundings and everything that is going on in the wake of these massive changes. You are not quite ready to cope with the different changes that have been going on so this is how you react because of that. Because bloody noses usually happen because of an increase in altitude, this would suggest that you are feeling this way as the result of a pleasant change. Something good has happened which is causing you to react in this way. You cannot entirely handle the change because itís happened so fast.

If you have a dream in which your nose is bleeding, this might be because you have been taking things a little too far recently or flying a bit too far off the handle. Have you had any confrontations where something relatively small was done wrong, but you blew up over it. Maybe someone gave you something you liked, and you blew a gasket thanking them. This type of dream would suggest that your erratic behavior that you have been exhibiting lately is detrimental to everything that you are working for and will eventually cause you to ruin yourself.

A bloody nose basically means in all of these interpretations that you have gone through some sort of change recently. A change in surroundings in one case, a change in behavior in another and a change in the level of physical abuse that you inflict on yourself in the third one. But the thing that all of them have in common is change. Be ready for a bloody nose in your dreams if you keep participating in activities that bring you to trying new things and experimenting.
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meme 2014-11-06 22:48:23
I dreamt that I wake up and look at myself into a mirror. Then I saw my face with blood. I thought I wept blood but my father said that my nose bleed. It bleed so much that when I look down the ground, it was like I spill a liter of blood. Actually, I'm experiencing a drastic change because I was just assigned to another office. Phew! I hope I adapt easily...

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nisha 2014-09-10 22:34:02
I Had a dream that I blew my nose so hard into a tissue that it started to bleed. but then it stopped.

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Armani 2014-10-25 12:48:50
Im gay and I've been coming out to people and I'm developing an enormous crush on my friend and I told him on the bus that I'm gay and I thought he heard me. Then he didn't get my (gay) jokes when I made them, so I asked for his KIK and I told him, it's going to be just awkward between us. He's been acting flirty to me and I thought he knew that I was gay and that we could be something. And all of this started in August. I had a dream I was talking to all of my friends that knew I was gay and he walked in and my nose started bleeding. I looked this up and I started crying. This gives me reassurance because I thought this was "in my head" or me just being crazy. This makes me feel a lot better thanks whoever posted this!!!!

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belle 2014-08-25 00:26:54
I had a dream that I was going to see a guy I loved and my mom was there for some reason.
I was in the bathroom and I took a paper towel to dab my eyes because it felt like they were watering but when I looked at the towel their were bright red dots.
I yelled out for my mom and dabbed my nose and it was bleeding to!
That's when the blood just started poring from my nose and I felt like I was going to pass out and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.
I was hanging on my mom and telling her to call 911 but she said she had already called the emergency room and the wait was 30 min and I would just have to hold on.
She rested me on the floor and I remember me trying to stay awake even though I was exhausted and wanted to faint and die and the only reason I wouldn't was because something horrible would happen to Andy (the guy I came to see).

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Maddy 2014-07-29 12:12:38
The other day I had a dream where I was just walking past a mirror in my hallway and I saw that have a blood nose.I went to the bathroom to wipe the blood away but every time I finished washing my face and looked up at the mirror again more blood would appear. It wasn't even a normal nose bleed it was like dried blood between my nose and lips, anyway I started having a panic attack and when I turned to the door of my bathroom my parents were both there. They were just standing their with no emotion on their faces and not helping me even though I was having a panic attack. It was really weird and when I woke up I was sweating and panicking.

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Lindsey 2014-07-27 00:57:28
i had a dream i was at my elementary school but i was still my age and then my nose started to bleed and it i felt like i couldn't breathe anymore, like even when I wanted to breathe through my mouth i couldn't it was like the blood would all go into my mouth and choke me

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AdmiredDisorder 2014-07-24 03:08:52
I had this strange dream about tornados ravaging this weird multilevel strip mall sort of thing. I was there with family and some people I knew happened to be there too. The sirens gone off warning everyone to take shelter and the tornados were seriously over exaggerated and wild, popping up really close to the building and throwing stuff around. The mall extended into the ground rather than having floors that went above ground. The staircases between floors were huge and fancy looking but the building was collapsing in random sections as everyone was trying to escape to the lower levels. I remember getting hit in the face by someone bumping into me when they were running away and I had thick chunky blood coming out of my nose and mouth for the rest of the dream. I wasn't panicked the entire time and randomly ditched my family to find shelter on my own and walked from stairwell to stairwell while things were falling apart. Also I feel I should mention before that night I had a site evacuation on this chemical plant I work on because there was a severe malfunction with a valve causing an explosion and emergency shut down of the entire site. Just another day in my life I guess. I don't think I worry about the right things properly :/

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Crystal 2014-04-19 15:16:40
I had a dream that I moved to Texas, started going to a different high school and meeting new people. I remember I was with my Twin, taking him to class that's when I decided to go to the school counselors office and asked her if I could get my schedule because I had lost mines.. That's when I sat down and a guy that I know walked in and I said hii to him, he sat down and he started drawing. I got up and looked at what he was drawing. It was a Chinese girl (Anime) and it wasn't done yet. Then I remember getting up and going back to my sit that's when I started having a heavy nose bleed, I kept spitting it in the trash can because the more I try blowing my nose off the more the blood was going down my throat.. But yet I'm having a rough time whether I should let go the love of my life or no. I'm scared that he finds another girl who he can open up to when I'm not around, since we live miles apart.. He lives in LA and I live in CT.. I'm scared of the unexpected change of us not having any more feelings for each other. Yeah that's it.

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Coco 2014-03-17 20:16:53
I was dreaming of my fiance and I walking around a marketplace and my nose started to bleed heavily, he kept providing me napkins to blow and catch it since the amount pouring out was getting in my mouth. It got worse when I ran into my best friend (previous, as of lately our relationship hasn't been active). She was telling me about her break up with her boyfriend and wanting to date my fiance's friend. We all were walking up a mountain to my home/work which was a house with belly dancing studio. My nose bleed stopped for a little until I walked into a room with a bunch of incense and my fiance trying to smoke pot with some other girls and guys with an attitude of being out of love and indifferent to me which my nose bleed started again clouding my vision as I ran after him almost being attacked by wolves.

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Mary Lucas 2013-12-19 22:26:03
I had a dream that I went skydiving and when I landed my nose started bleeding. when I woke up my nose was actually bleeding.
The next day my grandmother passed away.
Maybe thats the change that I wasn't ready for..

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branflakes 2013-08-17 01:04:23
I had this dream last night which I am still trying to Interpret. It's in bits and pieces but here it goes.

I am at my ex-gf's house but following her sister around the house and eventually I feel like annoying her so I do. I then fall asleep on a chair with my butt pointing towards the ceiling, and my ex-gf and her sister see me and take a few pics but while they're doing that I'm able to see myself sleeping, as well as them taking the pics in third person. I'm out of my body and can see myself and them but standing right behind them. Strange. I wake up. Ex-gf is in the kitchen and I'm looking down and i ask her if she can give me a wet napkin (I don't know why) before I head home and she hands it to me. As I'm walking towards the door i pick my nose and I start bleeding, I yell out, "Awww freak I'm bleeding! Can i have another napkin?" She grabs a dry one and begins to take care of the bloody nose and while she does I am overwhelmed by this feeling of comfort. Very strange. I love the feeling, I hold her hand and we both walk outside only to see the whole city is flooded with muddy water, we begin to walk through the water (which is almost up to my chest) still holding hands, with the best feeling ever, of comfort, worthiness, happiness, walking through the city and muddy water. I pay no attention to what is and has happened to the city and feel very, very, very good. Still we hold hands through the city, walking into the sunset. (Seriously) and i wake up with the happiness. It translated. Still trying to decipher, could use your help?:0 thank you guys

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D.J.Michael 2013-04-28 16:04:22
I had this exact dream last night, although it's very vague.

note: yesterday I had smoked a cigarette in the morning, (I dont smoke cigarettes often at all), and after work (my first shift this season) I tried chewing tobacco, and smoked the last of the cigarette.

All throughout the day I had been smoking marijuana, including during my work hours. and then shortly after work I would smoke up some more, and then jumped on a friend's trampoline and threw a rugby ball around pretty well until 8:00 and then went to bed.

I feel that dreams really are telling you things, that can only be discovered by thought.

To grow as a person you must go out of your comfort zone, and your dreams should help you do so..

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lux 2013-04-16 11:58:02
The dream I had was so real it was nuts. my wife and I went to the bathroomand all of a sudden my nose started bleeding. it started out just dripping. and then went to a full on pore. it started filling the sink. my wife was freaking out because I started taking the blood and smearing it all over my face.

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silpha 2013-02-26 15:34:28
I dream that i got nose-bleeding, then it wouldn't stop.And also i'm so afraid that I'm gonna die because it had plenty blood coming out my nose.

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