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To see a blue bird in your dreams can be a source of resolution to you. Despite what you have been going through recently, whether happy or sad, the blue bird sighting in the dream represents the end of this period. To be a bit more specific the bird does not represent the end of the actual emotion, just the end of the situation that caused it. So if there has been a situation that youíve been involved in which has affected your emotions adversely then seeing a bluebird in your dreams suggests that this period of your life is almost over. You are almost done with it.

If you see the blue bird at a time in your life when something has been making you happy, then the blue bird means that this time is coming to an end. This does not mean you will suddenly be sad, because it does not need to be a carryover into the opposite emotional extreme. Instead this represents an end to the period of time or the situation that resulted in your happiness. Even though it might be hard to see it go, humanity and living life are all about allowing things to go and letting them pass on without staying too attached to them. An attitude that allows you to cope with this gradual change to a more neutral position will lead you far in life.

A blue bird in your dreams can also be a harbinger of both happiness and sadness, and yet at the same time an indicator of it. If you are at a pretty neutral position in your life currently and you suddenly see a blur bird, this means that you will probably either be getting some sort of increase in fortune, or a decrease in luck very soon. You should be able to tell from the course of your life so far where this is actually leading. Is there something going on in your life which is teetering on precarious? The bird indicates this will fall off the brink shortly. Perhaps your life has been teasing you with the possibility of things beginning to get better for you very soon, but you just havenít quite made it to that period yet. If this sounds like it is the case for you, then this means that it wonít be long before things finally make that change for the better for you.

Alternatively sometimes the blue bird can simply be a sign to suggest that what you are experiencing is indeed what you are experiencing. If you have been having a hard time recently the bird may show up in your dreams just to let you know that this is indeed what you are going through and that your run of bad luck can potentially end one day soon. If you have been having a run of good luck lately, the bird can come in confirmation of that and to let you know that you can expect more good luck for a short period. Generally once you have had just about all you can take, or just as you start getting comfortable is right when the period ends. So be ready for that.
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Marina 2014-11-22 08:09:43
I was traveling in my Dream and I saw a blue parrot, it attacked me by biting my finger, it wouldn let go and it was painful, It kept my finger in his beak and the pain was awful, I first tried to fight him but then just stopped and experienced the pain. Then suddenly it let go and I saw it dead headless

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Theresa 2014-07-03 20:06:44
My blue bird you can hold. It stuck around me, but when I knew it needed out or in, I put it's beak against a window or wall with nothing on the other side. It turned to dust and became a bird on the other side. When I let it in from the outside, sometimes I couldn't because there was a blocking of the interior somewhere.

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yuyu 2014-05-26 11:16:34
I dreamed of a bluebird trapped in a house as I was tying to release it through windows and doors. Mind you, there are no Mountain Bluebirds in Europe and I have never seen one before, except in this recent dream.
This article is pretty much describing what I'm experiencing right now, so thank you to whomever put this up.

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jenny 2014-02-26 12:41:53
i saw water in dream and inside of it there was so many religious temple,i found church when i touch the step of church a blue came from inside,it was so preety i touched that blue bird and bird flew away.

please explain this dream to me....

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heather 2013-12-22 13:57:27
I have goggled this morning as my dream .. which was early this morning when i went back to sleep after being awake .. predawn.. for a couple of hours... my dream was that of a happy moment when a blue bird.. was in my space .. with others around and it perched on my hand.. with a note.. although the note.. was visible in the dream, i cannot remember what it said upon awakening.. although those around me.. can't remember who.. although in the dream it was . apparent.. it was people in my life.. family/friends.. i think... as upon awakening.. i forgot... in the dream , it was a happy moment and i felt it a good sign.. .. after reading here, i guess its anyone's guess what it can mean... i am taking it as a good sign... as have always loved birds.. and .. their beauty.. and movements are so delicate, fragile. yet they endure.. such .. adversity in their .. existance.   !;)

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poonam 2013-09-05 04:28:23
thanks for the detailed analysis of blue bird  :) in my dream i saw a flock of blue birds in a quiet lake alongside other flock of birds and i came to visit them because they r supposedly the rarest (not endangered, not on the brink of extinction...just plain rarest n endemic) of the bird species on the earth...the scenary was beautiful n calm although just before i saw them i saw man was drowning who was saved by someone from this forest dept.  :)

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