Dream Dictionary Blueberries

Dream Dictionary Blueberries

To dream of blueberries suggests that you are in a very precarious situation in life.

Dream Blueberries
Dream Dictionary Blueberries, Dreaming of Blueberries and What it Says About You

You are at a point where whatever move you make will result in a major or drastic change for better or for worse. If the situation were a no-brainer then you would have already made the decision, so it must not be that easy. The best advice to give in a situation like this would be not to let it get to you too much. Yes it can seem like daunting circumstances, but you need to know that for the most part, these situations are being made by everyone at some point.

It can result in a change for the better or for the worse, but this is not the last decision you will make in life. Even if the absolute worst does happen then there will still be other chances and other choices. Nothing is the end of the world. Remember that and you will prosper. If you dream about blueberries it could also mean that it is not even related to a choice of your own that you will make. Your inevitable future could be in the hands of someone else and it is your job to sit back and agonize about what decisions they might be making with your life. You may think that you have done something horrible or made a horrible misstep in order to find yourself in this situation, but in fact this is the way it is all day every day for many people. They are tossed to and fro at the whims of the rest of the world. Some even make the argument that the lives of lower class citizens are changed and ebb and flow with the direct changes made by the richest top 10 percent of the population.

It is also possible that you are dreaming of blueberries because your personality is just as fickle as their flavor. You change from one moment to the next in an extreme of emotions. You should not do this, and realize the confusion that it causes most people. You also cannot let your mood be determined by a small series of changes that other people make on you. It is not fair to the rest of the public. If someone makes one false step you will go from happy to angry in the blink of an eye. You need to take some responsibility for your emotional patterns and realize what you are doing to yourself and others.

You are the type of person who has a personality which is easy to predict. As soon as something good happens you are happy, but when one bad thing happens you will unconditionally mock and ignore the person that did the bad thing until people are done doing all that they can to make you happy. Pretty soon people will just become tired of you, and this is something that you want to try to avoid at all costs.

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