Dream Dictionary Boar

Dream Dictionary Boar

To see a boar in your dreams might suggest that there is some wild element to you.

Dream Boar
Dream Dictionary Boar, Dreaming of a Boar and What this Means About You

Boars are known for being some of the most vicious and unpredictable animals in the world. They will harm you if they get the chance and are not afraid to do it. Their tusks have been known to gore more than a few people collectively. Unlike those animals that prefer to be left alone even though they have the ability to kill you at their own whims, boars are not among this group. They are fiercely territorial and if they see you anywhere near a spot that they’ve claimed, you will pay the price.

This dream suggests that you have that dangerous wild streak inside of you. Though if you run from the boar in your dreams this shows that you are ultimately afraid of that streak inside you and worried that it will overtake you. You do not want to be put in a position that you cannot extract yourself from, and by giving into the boar you could be allowing yourself to reach that wild streak. You are frightened of that element of yourself but you can only run for so long before you get tired and have to accept it. Your best bet is to just go with the flow and learn to accept yourself for all of your weird quirks and strange habits.

To dream that you are a boar could also be related to the other meaning of the word. You are pigheaded. You are a disgusting and rude individual and on top of that you refuse to accept what other people tell you is true. If you have an idea and someone else has a similar idea, yours is always the right one because you can’t let another person be smarter or more right than you are. You also have to be the one that the spotlight is on in the room. You always have to command the lime light yet you add nothing to it and people would prefer not to have to see you.

Sometimes it is hard to get past this sort of attitude or to learn anything from it, or teach yourself not to follow it. After all, this kind of behavior is probably ingrained over much of your family history or at the very least, from your teachings since childhood. You learned this somewhere and for some reason you never gave it up despite the fact that you knew that you were acting inappropriately. Now you find yourself here in the adult world unable to have a positive social status and unable to form any kind of social skills or manners. Sticking to your boorish nature will get you nowhere in life as it is not an acceptable form of socializing. You need to accept that you can be flawed, accept that others can be right, and move on from there once you have a good framework for relating to the world around you just a little bit better.

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