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If you see a bomb in your dream and the timer is slowly ticking down or the fuse is going down quickly then this means that you are not so eagerly anticipating some event that is going to come to pass in your life. You do not want to deal with the consequences of what will happen when this event comes to pass. You are afraid that it will mean bad things for you and those around you. What kind of event is this and what will it mean for you if it does happen? Only you can know the specifics, but maybe the best thing to do is just relax about it. Sometimes the stress that you cause yourself is much worse than the actual situation could ever be. You basically just need to calm yourself down and relax about it. Don’t let yourself fear. Give yourself some slack and just chill out. This is the best thing you can do to help yourself. Before you know it, you might be having dream where you are defusing bombs in them.

If you have a dream in which you are commissioned to defuse a bomb or where you are defusing a bomb, this can mean that you have figured out the answer to a volatile situation in life. You have mastered the situation and have come to a conclusion that will effectively solve the problem for you. This could mean that you have literally defused a person that was very angry. You have calmed them down. It could also mean that you solved a problem for a friend that was threatening to create a rift in your friend group. There are many reasons why a person might dream of defusing a bomb, but most of them relate to taking a scary or confusing situation and soothing it back to a normal situation that you can handle better. Good job at keeping a level head. It really shows.

Dreaming of putting a bomb together or dreaming of setting off a bomb means that you are dealing with too much stress in your life. You have finally reached a point at which the stress threatens to overcome you. You are not able to handle all that is going on around you and you need to take a few seconds to chill out, maybe more than that. This means that you are about to explode at any moment. You have taken all of the input that you could handle and are able to take in no more information than you are already being given.

This is a perfect sign that you might find some real help if you go out and talk to a therapist. They have the tools to help people in your situation put themselves in even more control of their own lives. You know what you need to do and yes it might seem scary to see a therapist, but overall it will be better for you and all of those around you if you learn to control your volatile temper.
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bob 2017-01-16 07:22:57
i was on top of this cantainer.some one on the ground picked up what looked like a pipe about afoot long andround.as soon as he touched it no sound just a flash and he vanished.?

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kay 2015-04-26 01:44:30
Ever since I was a little girl I have had these vivid bomb dreams, to the extent I end up sleep walking. Most of the time the bombs are planted in the lightbulbs. While sleep walking I take the lightbulbs out and throw them... Other times it has been in the clock and I have slept walk and woken up my children and partner in a right state screaming and crying my eyes out trying to save them. I am 27 now and these dreams have been going on ever since I can remember...

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Mariah 2015-04-12 17:43:47
I had a dream that a crazy person in my school put a bomb in a braclet that had timers which we all couldn't take off. She anonced we only had 20hrs to live then it would go off. Then the time flyed and we only had 10 minutes. Then I stated to cry in my dream and called my mom to say that I love her and to not come near the school and made her promise. I called the rest of my family and my friend M came up to me and he grabbed my hand and said its ok then I started to cry and I ran to the guy I like and hugged him and I started to cry again only leaving him to cry on how his little brother would not have him anymore. Then I woke up crying  :ups:

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Harry 2014-05-26 22:37:02
I had a dream I was In an airspace and they yelled prepare to die then I prayed and the bomb hit wat does this mean

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Amber 2014-05-13 03:48:49
I had a dream that i saw this guy setting up a bomb in my school and i tried to get everyone out but no one listened. I randomly ended up on a bus with two friends and then when the bus turned around the school blew up and none of my friends were coming out. My mom was in the building for some reason too. I dont know what it means but i woke up crying and trying to catch my breath.

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BC RICH 2014-05-03 22:02:15
It was bombs that looked like rockets , most were white in color and they were falling all around , not exploding ,but smashing into pieces.

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Casie 2013-04-17 23:03:52
I had a dream where I was at a concert with my old best friend, miley cyrus and some random person when all of a sudden bombs started to be dropped from the sky by WW2 planes. Me and everyone I previosly mentioned hid under the chairs and then some teachers told us to keep calm and sit down but instead I started crawling off and my group of people I was with started crawling with me except for my old best friend who just ran off with everyone off to behind the concert curtains. Meanwhile bombs started flying my way because they saw mileys face so I started crawling faster to a table where I told miley to hid her face then the bombs kept hitting the table but luckily it couldn't break the table it was like an untouchable thing even though it was a wooden one. Once I relised my old best friend wasn't there I quickly crawled to behind the curtains to see people crowded up I ran through the crowd screaming taylor, my old best friend. Once I got taylor I told her to go with me other wise she would die because the noise was gonna attract noise so she agreed. But then a teascher saw me and was shouting stop casie. Despite her calling me I took taylors hand then ran off near the exit I saw myt old ex and I told him to also come with me and he said yes but only if I can bring morgan who is now my recent boyfriend so I then said fine and we started running off to the table. We all sat there for a while and spoke until the bomb came down and struck everyone behind the curtain so I told everyone to quickly follow me through the woods until we come across a small building which was actually just a big toilet when we went in. All of us sat down in a circle discussing our survival and we soon agreed to rob the convience stoor and take everything to survive and once the war is over we will be their to rebuild our generation. And then I was wooken by my alarm, but what did this all mean? And do you know what's freaky 2 days after this dream there was a bombing somewhere that everybody at school was talking about!

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Caitleen 2013-03-21 10:29:26
I had a dream that I was standing out side my fence and there was this red car that was driving by and then all of a sudden the was a big boom and I thought maye fort Lewis again no it was a bomb that was rolling towards me. And the red car slowly was driving away. I don't know if the bomb killed me or not but I'm terrified to go out side now

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RIIIGTTT 2013-01-06 02:33:13
i had ad dream that i set the timer to a bomb in a house, that i was in. There were a lot of people in the house that i cared about family and friends. my girlfriend and my favorite little nieces. i tried so hard to get them out of the house with me. Only i got out of the house before the bomb went off, but they survived the explosion. The thing is i was in jail when i had this dream. and it definitely had some type of symbolization.

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woah 2012-11-12 18:32:30
i had the "setting off a bomb" dream. going through college and having piles of homework to do really overwhelms me and i feel super stressed with finals & projects overlapping one another that I can't handle it. so that bomb dream totally symbolized those feelings.

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