Dream Dictionary Bones

Dream Dictionary Bones

To have a dream in which you are surrounded by bones suggests that there are some issues that you cannot seem to surpass no matter what.

Dream Bones
Dream Dictionary Bones, What it Means to See Bones in Your Dream

You have some kind of past trauma that seems to be rearing its head in your daily life and interfering with your daily functions despite your best efforts to make sure that this doesn’t happen this way. It is important to recognize when you can actually do something to help this and when you are powerless. If all you have to do is a little mental work to make yourself forget about all of the bad things that have gone on in your life, then pull up your bootstraps and just do what it takes to forget. If it is something that is a real problem, physically, then get some help to surpass it, or move somewhere where it can no longer bother you.

To dream that you are in a body that has no bones or to dream that all of your bones go away is to suggest that you feel as if you have had your main framework with which you live your life taken away from you. You have been changed too much to be able to go back to the beliefs that you once held.

This might be a common dream for someone of the Christian persuasion I their faith is questioned regularly. If you think that God exists and someone tells you something that makes you think that he might not exist then your entire framework that you used to perceive the world will be ripped out from under you. You need to be able to accept the new information and not just take it in and think of it as something that makes you stop being able to move. Consider that the skeleton is the frame that we use to move around all of our bodies. The muscles are important but they are nothing without the skeleton. To live without skeletons would be to live as an immobile pile of flesh. This may be what you feel like when you have gone through a real perspective changing experience but you can’t let it bother you too much or you won’t get anywhere in life afterwards.

Dreaming that you have a skeleton or other bones around you, this could also suggest that your secrets are starting to compound to a great height around you. You will soon not be able to keep track of all of your secrets anymore and it will be your downfall whether you want to admit it or not. There are only so many secrets a person can keep before it starts to eat them up on the inside. You need someone you can confide in. So you either have to become closer friends with someone than you already are or you need to start talking to a therapist. As much as people like their secrets, to not divulge them over a long period of time can lead to emotional ruin. Don’t put yourself in that position.

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Samantha 2017-05-27 23:07:05
Hello had a wierd dream last night I was eating pb but there were tiny bones instead of crunchy peanuts yet I carried on eating them and all I could think of was " what if these are baby bones I'm eating" while I was dreaming I thought this please help

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