Dream Dictionary Boss

Dream Dictionary Boss

To dream that you are a boss of something suggests that you feel that you have leadership qualities with merit.

Dream Boss
Dream Dictionary Boss, Dreaming That You are a Boss and What it Means About You

You think that you have what I takes to be a boss and thus, this subconscious desire to show what you are made of manifests itself in your dreams in the form of a boss outfit and the title to go along with it. You think that you have good ideas about where to take your company and all you need are a few people under you to do what you tell them when you tell them to. This will lead you to some kind of victory soon, whenever you are ready for it.

To dream that you are a boss could also suggest that you have a latent desire to boss others around. You think that there are a few people out there that you are superior to and you want to hold that fact over them. Remember even if you are superior to another person in some way, going around and acting like is not a way to get respect, it is a way to get someone to punch you in the mouth. If you want respect, you have to earn it by earning your title of boss by going through the appropriate channels. You cannot simply dream yourself into the highest position in a company. Think again buddy.

To dream that you have switched places with your boss in real life or that your boss is working in the same position as you once were and you are above them means that you think that you could run the company better than them. You think that you are an overall better candidate to run the company and you think that you deserve to be recognized for it. The one thing that you really have to remember though is that you have no reason to feel so entitled. Don’t fool yourself, if you deserved to be the boss, then you would be, this is how companies work. All the way up to the chain until you reach CEO, as long as you impress someone with your knowledge and skill, you get the job eventually. If you really want the job that your boss is in, then work for it and show their superiors why you are fitter for the job than they are.

To dream that you are your own boss means that you need some vacation time. You need a bit of time to sit back and reflect on your past achievements and failures. The rest of the world can wait for you while you figure out what your next step is on the bumpy road called life. For the moment, you are your own boss, and what you say goes for only you. You are in full and complete control over your own destiny and it feels just amazing to you. Don’t get too excited though, or you might get overzealous.

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