Dream Dictionary Box

Dream Dictionary Box

If you have a dream that you see a box it is because you have a strong craving for symmetry in your life.

Dream Box
Dream Dictionary Box, Boxing in Your Emotions: What it Means to Dream of a Box

You want to see everything work out just fine for you and you want everything to fit neatly into perspective for you. Boxes are too neat and have perfect edges. This can mean that you want everything in your own little version of the world to be just perfect. Your vision will one day be shattered when you realize that things cannot actually exist this way, but for now allow yourself to be comforted by the fantasy.

To have a dream in which you are trapped inside a box suggests that you feel as if the world around you I a little too proper. It is so proper that it is suffocating. You have learned that the world isn’t as neat and pretty as you make it out to be. There is still much more for you to learn, but for now, this is the thought that perplexes you the most. There are too many people within your circle of friends and acquaintances that expect you to conform to their perfect perception of you, but you can’t do that without sacrificing who you really are at your very core. Don’t let this happen to you, get outside of the box.

Seeing a box in your dreams can also be a pun on the phrase “think outside the box.” This interpretation becomes especially important if you are trapped inside the box in your dreams. You feel as if your mind can only think a certain way. No matter what you try, you are still confined to a set way of thinking because this is how your mind has been molded. It is really the fault of public education. But on the other hand it has done more for you in that education than you will ever understand. So the question becomes how do you use elements of that education to come up with something entirely new, without it looking as if it was based on what you already learned? It is s tough question to answer indeed and one that would take up an entire books’ worth of words to describe.

The box is the main symbol of unoriginality. Has anyone ever called you a square? Perhaps if you are seeing boxes in your dreams it means you have not been original enough lately. You are taking other people’s ideas. Not only that, but you just haven’t been as cool lately. Your self-expression has been quite lacking, as has your originality. Try thinking outside the box and maybe just maybe you can save yourself from a terrible fate before it is too late.

Another reason that you might dream of a box is because you are moving. Boxes symbolize moving and the picking up of the old and the incoming of the new. You are taking old things into new environments in non-complex and encapsulated forms. Perhaps you can use some of that old knowledge to help inform your new environment. Others may be impressed by what you know.

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