Dream Dictionary Boy

Dream Dictionary Boy

If you dream that you are a boy, or that you are just a significantly younger male, this implies that you want to get back to the younger years when things were easier and less stressful.

Dream Boy
Dream Dictionary Boy, Dreaming of a Boy and What it Says About Your Daily Life

The greatest thing about being young is that all of your needs were taken care of. You never had to worry about anything other than homework because your immediate needs like food, housing and love were all taken care of for you. Now that you are older you have to accept adult responsibilities and sometimes these can conflict with your desire for happiness and harmony in your life in their very nature.

If you have a dream in which you are a boy but you are a girl in real life, then this means that you have some gender role assignment questions. This does not mean you are a gay, or transgendered individual automatically, it just means that you are trying to commune with the more masculine side of yourself. Everyone possesses those sides of themselves. Whether male or female, you have a masculine side and a feminine side and to see a boy in your dreams or to dream that you are a boy suggests that you think that you have some questions about the way that gender plays out in your life. You want to see what it is like to be a little more masculine.

To dream that you are a boy when you are a man in real life can also suggest that you have a wild streak in you too. Even though you can be the most sweet and well behaved person in the world, every once in a while your testosterone will flare up and cause you to do silly or overtly aggressive things like boys often do. To be fair to young boys though, their hormones are what make them so annoying and so sporadic in their emotional expression. If you are feeling this way, the only way you could excuse yourself is with a doctor’s note and that in itself might just be a bit childish. You need to shape up and fly right soon or you will begin to see consequences in your real adult life for your actions.

To dream about a boy or multiple boys and to see them playing or to see them around suggests that you miss the times when you were young. Not only do you miss your mother and the easiness of it all, but this firmly suggests that you miss the boyish companionship that boys offered. There is a certain camaraderie between boys that are of a young age that cannot be replicated into adulthood. Especially if you grew up in the age where children were more active and watched less TV. You miss the times when you could go out and hang out with your boyhood friends. You might want to go back and relive those times or you might want simply to have something like that in your adult life, but you will have to search hard. Once you go through puberty and get a job it is hard to ever go back to that Boy Scout adventuring mentality.

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