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If you dream that you have a boyfriend cheating you need to calm down. Likely you are looking at the screen in tears crying over what could have been and getting ready to break up with him. Seeing your boyfriend cheating in your dreams is not proof of him cheating at all. The only thing it is proof of at worst is some complex emotional problems permeating your interactions, but this is something that occurs at a fundamental level in all relationships, good and bad. So relax, breathe, and read about what might be causing it.

The first and most likely reason you are dreaming of your boyfriend cheating is because you feel neglected emotionally or physically. Your boyfriend may no longer have the same sex drive that he once did or even the same drive to be close to you and cuddle with you like he did in the first few months of your dating. It is also possible that he may spend fewer and fewer nights with you every weekend so that he can go out and have fun with the guys. It is tempting to think that he might be cheating but this is probably not the case.

Even though it hurts to hear it, a relationship needs to go through trials like this. What is happening is that your boyfriend has finally found a comfortable place in your relationship together. He sees you as a close friend and lover and respects and loves you, but he needs his own space too. You two are not married yet, the two have not become one, so he is exercising his freedom. It may sting to know that he doesnít want to spend every waking second with you but chances are, you arenít far away from experiencing the same sensation. This is just what happens when couples grow comfortable with one another. On the other hand it can really be a severe emotional neglect that you are experiencing rather than a superficial one. If this is the case you might want to have a talk with your boyfriend and decide together just how important the relationship is to the both of you, so that at least you can both have some all important perspective on what is going on here.

If you dream that your boyfriend is cheating it is usually because of anxiety over thinking that he actually is cheating. Unless you have actual tangible evidence of this though, then this usually comes as a result of self esteem issues. Try not feeling so sorry for yourself and seeing what it is like to think of yourself is beautiful. If your boyfriend is so great, try to see yourself how he sees you. He isnít with you for no reason and you must be attractive to him, so just relax and try to pick out the things about yourself that are good and beautiful and pretty. You deserve to feel good about yourself.
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Caroline 2014-11-15 13:10:32
I have been dreaming about my boyfriend cheating on me with my best-friend. I really don't know what does it means but I'm starting to dislike them being together. specially because I'm in another country taking care of some business so they hang out without me (sometimes in my apartment) and I really hate this feeling.

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Meika 2014-10-09 06:03:51
I had the weirdest dream last night and it was so detailed I thought it was real! It started with my fiance asking me to go out to dinner at this fine-dining restaurant in Long Beach. I didn't want to go but he was kind of like pushing it so we went. When we got there, we were seated next to the table of another young couple, who, then started talking to us. My fiance was mostly talking to the girl and I could see that her boyfriend wasn't so happy about the "friendly conversation". Before they left, the girl (hispanic looking) gave my fiance her and her boyfriend's number. I was confused and angry and wanted to leave the restaurant. So the date-night didn't go so well.

Few days later, that same girl called my fiance (as if they were old friends) because her and her boyfriend were fighting. Then out of nowhere, I saw them both at our place talking. She was crying like she wanted my fiance to comfort her and make her feel better. What The F*!? Then her boyfriend came and wanted to talk to her but the girl didn't want to. I was so angry and jealous this time I told her boyfriend that his girlfriend is flirting with my fiance. He was furious and went to grab his girlfriend. There was yelling and crying and grabbing of arms-drama! The girl broke up with him and of course I was to be blamed. My fiance was so angry at me and broke up with me too for telling on the girl, like really??

Next thing I knew I was stalking them. They went to Mexico for a vacation and I was calling my "ex-fiance's" work asking when he's coming back to Long beach. When they got back, I found out that the girl was pregnant. So was I. We even did the baby shower together LOL but I wasn't happy, she was, because he chose to be with her. Well of course, duh!!!

So, when I woke up I told my fiance about my dream and he was like "OH MY GOD!" He told me it must be from the show I was watching the other night since I left the tv on and fell asleep. :p I know he loves me and all that but it's just really scary. Of all dreams, why that!? Really though, what the heck! :/

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kelly 2014-08-10 05:01:45
I've been having dreams about my fiance cheating on me for years, ranging from strangers to my family members. He isn't actually cheating on me, he doesn't even look at other girls, and I do believe him when he says that he's only interested in me, but the fact that I'm still having these dreams is really bothering me, I've tried everything to make them stop, but they're a nightly occurrence & it's really hurting me (feels like I'm paranoid or something now, it's horrible)

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Jayne 2014-06-23 00:17:46
I have been having dreams about my bf cheating on me with his friends gf as they were spending a lot of time together like goin gym an picking him up wen ever he needed a lift anywere wich I thought was a bit mad there we even times were they wud txt each other a lot but it did not play a part on my mind untill I started to have these dreams about him an her there were more then one dream sum of my dream felt like it was real life but of course it was jus a dream wen I told me he laugh an said I was daft but I cud not stand the sight of her we sorted it out an we r ok an r still friends with her but I dnt like her round him they play fight I hate that an he got well up set wen I told him not to txt or talk to her as much still to this day am in sure wots goin on with them I jus dnt know wot to do ???

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Daisy 2014-11-16 00:38:10
Im sorry but it sounds like there is more going on. How does his mate feel about his relationship with his gf ??? Its not normal to play fight with someone that you are just friends with that sort of physical affection is reserved for intimate relationships like siblings lovers family etc. The fact he gets upset that u don't want him to spend as much time with her is another red flag I believe . Go with your gut something fishy is going on whether he will admit it or not you know it to be true. Women's intuition is always right. Good luck

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Scorpio22 2014-05-07 15:18:21
I've only had two dreams of my bf cheating, but this last one was the creepiest of all. Not only was he cheating with a girl but another guy was there too. The other guy was f***ing the girl from behind and the girl must have had a str**on cuz she was f***ing my bf in the a**. If that isn't creepy I'd what is. And I know the guy n girl ti be going together and my bf has been hanging out with them more often lately. But it's cool now that I know he just needs his space and with this new job I have he's gonna get plenty of it. I'll hang with my girls soon enough.

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Cindy5 2013-09-26 15:20:24
I had a dream my boyfriend of 5 years was cheating on me with a celebrity. In my awaking life I don't feel loved by him. He buys me material things to show his love, but there is no sex. I just feel like a lot of secrets are being kept from me.

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shannon-lee 2013-03-22 06:54:03
yes trust goes a long way in a relationship i had a dream last night of my boyfriend cheating and his also far frm me sometimes we think to much about that person or we think abt them cheating thats y we hav such dreams but sumtyms dreams hav meanings it might not show now but on a later stage it will a man is not always innocent sumtyms thr are ppl who are jealous and thy want ur bf then ur dreams shows u a different ggirl but mean while its sum1 u knw tht want ut bf thats also another sign of having dreams abt ur bf cheating first make sure b4 u accuse him of cheating otherwise you may loose him coz he will feel like u dont trust him..... but always take note of ur dreams it might mean sumthin els

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Melissa 2013-02-24 08:18:35
Theres was a time , that I was having several dreams of my boyfriend cheating, and months later I found out that he actually was cheating and here is years later , I'm having these dreams once again ugh.I don't know what to think but that he is cheating.

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carley 2013-01-23 23:49:44
This is very understanding and helps a little, im always dreaming of my boyfriend cheating on me but usually only when he isnt near me. Does trust also effect this situation?

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