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If you have a dream in which you are wearing braces teeth you need to remember what these braces stand for. On the one hand people like braces because they mean that one day you will be looking fine with your straight teeth, but on the other hand it can mean that you will be looking unattractive and unappealing at the time when you are actually wearing them and on top of that they also give you a bit of a speech impediment which doesnít exactly help out much.

Basically if you have a dream in which you have on braces teeth it could mean that you are a very patient person. You would have to be patient in order to accept braces into your teeth. You need to be able to look to the future and see a bright beautiful set of perfectly straight teeth in your mind and think to yourself ďthat is what I want.Ē If you canít manage to do that, then you would not be wearing them. All of that aside, what it means when you wear braces in your dreams is that you are a patient person. Perhaps you are going through a rough period in your life which will take you much patience to get through. This is a likely thing as well.

Dreaming that you are wearing braces can also be a sign that you feel guilty about something, that you consider being a big issue. Have you done something wrong recently which you are very apologetic over and just want to get out of your mind? If this sounds like you then what is going on is probably that you do in fact feel bad about something you have done wrong. You feel like you did permanent damage but you are doing everything that you can to fix it.

In this situation the braces themselves represent a corrective measure which is sure to work, but takes a lot of time. This is what you are trying to enact. It wonít be pretty and it may even hurt, but over time, you can probably get over the hurt and pain that you caused yourself or caused to others. It is a good thing that you have such understanding friends and consort with such a good crow or otherwise it might be even harder for you to see progress in this method.

Braces can also mean that you have a self esteem issue. Letís face it; sometimes straight teeth arenít as much about being able to eat things correctly as they are about warped standards of beauty. Many people think that people without braces and with crooked teeth are downright ugly, no matter how easy it is for them to chew with them. In this case it is all about beauty, and to dream that you are wearing braces means you are trying to fit an already commonly held perception of beauty that may not be your own. Donít accept this, realize that you are beautiful and force others to accept this fact. You deserve the self esteem boost.
The text Braces teeth can be a very unfortunate example of a way in which peers make fun of other peers in the elementary school and middle school levels as these are usually the points in life in which people actually get braces for their teeth. is a property of Goto horoscope Com. And belong to category Dream Dictionary
Shena 2015-12-06 12:59:56
I had a dream that I have this very weird metal thing that clamped my teeth together. Its like braces but its very very hard that it made my teeths crooked very bad. And when i got it removed in my dream, it was bleeding and it hurts so bad and a person there said that i need to get braces to fix those. What does that mean? Im very very curious.

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Mary 2015-11-16 04:18:16
I had a dream last night that I had on the braces and that was all. I figured that was a sign that I was about to get braces. But I don't know?

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Nicola.bartlett 2015-10-16 21:45:06
Last night I had a dream about getting braces on my teeth and l woke happy that I had braces and when in I looked the mirror I had no braces

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Zhey 2015-05-11 05:15:55
My dream was my bff gave the braces to me to try on because he said it was good and then I was the one who put the, kind of like, braces and after looking at it in the mirror it kinda hurts so I get it out from my mouth. I think mine is I did a wrong decision about something and that's what I need to fix. Thanks for this explanation. It's really wonderful and very helpful. Especially with my curious mind that wants a good answer

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Guilty kiss 2015-03-17 11:56:09
I dreamt that I was kissing someone that was not my boyfriend and the braces came off.  :( ?

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Marc Henry 2015-02-15 09:51:13
I had this dream but it snapped yet I was still wearing them. Yes Im very guilty of something. This is soo true. Thank you

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Duncan 2015-01-25 13:11:53
I had a dream where I was wearing braces, it was definitely due to a self esteem issue. Thank you for highlighting this to me.

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Mickey 2014-09-24 10:18:45
I had a dream that my two front teeth's braces fell off leaving me able to see what my teeth looked like without braces and then I was able to move my teeth around...

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Lynn 2013-12-23 05:31:42
I had this dream like 2 straight nights I woke up happy and wish I had braces on even though my teeth are straight.

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Bc 2013-05-12 08:46:34
Wow i never thought about it but what it said is so true! And at least i know i look good in braces cuz i have to get them someday

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Zee 2013-02-09 07:41:12
Makes a lot of sense, thanks!

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chame 2012-11-21 04:53:36
great! i had an idea of what are the probable reasons of my dream.. partly true but we have to be true to ourselves  :)

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