Dream Dictionary Brain Tumor

Dream Dictionary Brain Tumor

Sometimes a brain tumor in terms of dream interpretation is not the end of the world and it is not all bad.

Dream Brain Tumor
Dream Dictionary Brain Tumor, Dreaming of a Brain Tumor and What This Might Say About You

To dream that you have a brain tumor may suggest that you simply feel as if you are not exercising your brain enough. There is something that is impeding your thought processes and causing you to operate on a more slow level. You see this obstruction in the form of a brain tumor because it makes sense for your mind to translate things this way, but in reality, this dream is just about as benign as the tumor.

To dream that you have a brain tumor could also, in one way, be a sign that you are concerned about your cell phone usage. A relatively reputable study was done in the past few years that uncovered evidence suggesting that repeated used of cellular phones lead to brain tumors, but not necessarily cancer. While you may or may not have a problem, if you have been on your phone a lot lately, then this might be why you are dreaming of a brain tumor. You think that you have been using your phone too much and it could have negative repercussions, but you should honestly be fine. Things will work out just great for you. If you really want to feel better though, just try leaving the phone alone and try talking on a cord phone or just not talking at all. Maybe you can skype with your friends or use an instant messaging program. Maybe you can even text so that you don’t have to bring the phone to your head thereby risking damage. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable? But you should be fine no matter what.

To dream that someone you love has a brain tumor suggests that you are worried about the health of that person. You are probably dreaming about an elderly person since they seem to be a lot more susceptible to life altering and life consuming diseases when they reach a certain age. The only thing you can do if you are concerned about an elderly relative is to maintain composure. This will make them feel comfortable because you are putting on a façade of comfort even if it is not how you really feel. This suggests to them that you seem to have things under control so they will be much less inclined to worry about themselves. You should learn to keep the worrying to yourself in times of strife. It is not good for you, for one thing and can lead to mental breakdowns. For another thing though, it simply isn’t good for the sick person to know that you are worrying about them because that makes them worried that they will not recover. Immune systems don’t tend to work as great as they normally do when a person is stressed out so it can actually impede their recovery if you are too worried about them.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Brain Tumor

ashley 2016-03-17 04:11:29
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That intro to this site is such bs. Keep feelings to yourself in times of strife? Put on a facade? What does that say. BE FAKE. That could lead to a mental breakdown. Showing your real feelings? That is relieving. Stop lying to people! And do NOT give ridiculous advice. Always consult with your inner self. Your logical side. Thats who is usually right.
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Boni 2014-10-30 21:12:34
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I think it could simply mean that you have had some things on your mind lately that have been bothering you. Ask you inner God or higher self for guidance when in a relaxed state, hope this helps ;-)
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zena 2013-04-30 08:05:33
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I had a very weird and random dream last night, I have tried to search it up on the internet to find out what it means but no luck. I dreamt of my brain, it had something on it... later in dream it had 4 hairs poking out of my brain. I know it sounds so very weird and not normal but its bugging me I want to know what this possibly means?
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