Dream Dictionary Brain

Dream Dictionary Brain

To dream that you are a brain could be a pun on the word brain.

Dream Brain
Dream Dictionary Brain, Dreaming of a Brain and What it Might Mean About You

Sometimes the word brain is used to mean a smart person and not necessarily their actual brain. This could be what you are experiencing and how you feel, which is why you see yourself as a brain. If you were truly very intelligent, chances are you may not have known it until you were put into a different situation that caused to you put into question the intelligence and ability of those that were around you.

Have you recently gotten into a situation where those around you seemed to be generally below you in intelligence? Perhaps this is why you feel smart all of the sudden. There are few times when actually smart people get to feel smart and these are usually when the people around them are comparatively unintelligent. Perhaps you work somewhere and are training new employees and feel smart because they know so little and come to you for all of the answers to their questions. This could definitely be a reason why you feel so intelligent all of the sudden.

Are you having a dream where you are looking at your own brain? What this most likely means is that you are trying to pick your own brain. As intelligent as someone is capable of being, for many smart people out there, it is hard for them to actually conceive of their own intelligence. Even a smart person may have times where they don’t exactly feel smart. And even if someone knows that they are smart and feels in touch with themselves, it can be hard to make that a really tangible thing to say.

How can you truly say that you know how you operate? Do you really? Many people go their whole lives without knowing how they actually think. It is an incredibly complex question and one which could cause you much stress trying to figure out the answer to. So what does it mean when you are sitting there staring at your own brain? It means that you have been doing some introspection recently. You are legitimately interested in finding out how you work as a person and how you really operate.

To dream that you see brains all around you, but you are not one suggests that you are seeing people for who they really are on an intellectual level .You are trying to connect with those around you on a level of wit and understanding rather than on an emotional platform. This can be a challenging endeavor and one that does not always work for everyone, but your heart is still in it. People relate to each other solely on emotions on so many occasions and the craziest part about it is they don’t even realize that they are closing themselves off to so many elements of others. There is so much that they are missing out on. You have figured out the secret to really knowing people and are exercising your research abilities by picking the brains of those around you.

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