Dream Dictionary Brakes Failing

Dream Dictionary Brakes Failing

If you have a dream in which you even need to use your brakes, then this suggests that something in your life is going too fast.

Dream Brakes Failing
Dream Dictionary Brakes Failing, Having a Dream of Your Brakes Failing: What it Means About Your Life

There are things you are experiencing which make you feel as if you cannot control them and you need to slow them down in order to feel like you can really take in the reins again. It is important that you regain control over your life so you go to try and use the brakes.

This is when you notice the brakes failing. In your dream, even though you are trying the only way you know how in order to slow down the situation, you still can’t manage to do it. This can make things scary, and if you are scared of the situation then this is a side effect of the quite real fear that you feel as a result of the speed with which things are going in real life. At this point it might be a scary dream until you crash, but there is not much you can do to avoid it.

Once you wake up you need to realize that you are powerless to stop what is happening around you. This is why you see your brakes failing. You cannot pause the situation and you cannot find a way around it. The only thing you can do at this point is to try and accept things as they go. Either that or you can crash, and see of that is better than just going with the flow. Take your life in a radical direction. This is what is meant by the term “crash.”

In this kind of dream where your brakes are failing you may not be able to stop, but you can adjust directions. They tell you that in real life, if your brakes really do just fail and you are on a hill or something, you are obligated to go with the flow and steer to the best of your ability to a position in which you are able to hold your vehicle in place without too much worry about it. Carve out a new path and try to find level ground. This is what you are supposed to do if you get into a situation in which your brakes go out.

If you do happen to have a dream in which your brakes fail you, then try to do the metaphorical version of that strategy with your life. Take a radically different direction than the one you were going on and try to come up with a new strategy for how to tackle life. It may be a bumpy road and it may be hard to do it at first, but you will eventually make some headway and you will see yourself reaching a safe plain once more. This is the best strategy for keeping you safe when you notice your brakes failing.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Brakes Failing

AshM 2019-02-09 11:54:13
In my dream I was in a black car, the car stopped out of no where right in front of the drive where I grew up. I got the car to start but soon realized the brake lines were cut. Instead of staying in the car I opened the door and jumped out closed my eyes tucked and rolled.

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DWAYNE 2017-12-15 08:54:19
Brakes fail going down hill,I'm trying to steer to avoid people,not to hurt anyone?

↑ +1 ↓
ABIODUN 2017-04-13 18:56:33

Please wait, what if the brake fails but the auto whatever you're driving stops?

↑ 0 ↓
Brandy A. 2017-03-24 15:14:09
It's insane how true this is.

↑ +2 ↓
John T Brown 2015-10-10 14:13:21
It's crazy how true this is for me. I'm shocked. Thank you.

↑ -1 ↓
Adam 2015-06-26 20:06:38
Spot on with your interpretation

↑ +4 ↓
Angelica 2014-08-24 06:50:14
Feels right, makes sense!! Thank you!

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