Dream Dictionary Brakes

Dream Dictionary Brakes

If you have a dream in which you put on brakes, this could signify that you just need things to slow down.

Dream Brakes
Dream Dictionary Brakes, Dreaming of Brakes and What it Says About You

Life is moving too fast for you and it feels like you just can’t seem to catch up. Perhaps things in your relationship are moving too fast, or maybe you’ve been receiving promotions that you can’t handle right now because of other reasons. Perhaps you are in a new environment and everything is happening so fast around you that you barely have time to catch your breath. If you feel like this is true for you, then you may need to put the brakes on in life.

If you dream that you put the brakes on in some specific context, such as one where you might have been thinking about your relationship, then this means you need to put the brakes on your relationship. The relationship example is being mentioned because it is one of the most common dreams that is associated with brakes. So if you do have a dream in which you are putting the brakes on and you have been thinking about romantic life, it means you need to slow down your relationship.

To put the brakes on your relationship signifies that you need to slow things down or stop things all together. You will probably know best which of these things would be the best prescription for your relationship. Do you feel like your boyfriend or girlfriend has been trying too hard to move things forward lately. Are they pressuring you towards sex or towards marriage and you aren’t ready to make a commitment quite yet? If this is so, then you need to let them know that they need to slow things down. This is what this dream is suggesting. You cannot keep dodging and sidestepping their wants and needs. Even if you don’t want to move ahead, they at least deserve to know your feelings. If you are scared that they might reject you if you don’t give in and this is why you are putting it off, don’t be worried. Just let them know anyway. If they are hurt and do reject you because of it then you will know that they don’t really respect you and you shouldn’t be with them anyway.

Sometimes to dream that you are putting the brakes on suggests that you need to come to a full stop in your relationship. Maybe you need to break things off totally or maybe you need to go on a break, the both of you. It could do you some good to have a bit of a rest in your relationship and it might remind you of why you like the person that you are with so much. But it is possible that none of this has anything to do with relationships. It might mean that you just need to put the brakes on in some other way or in some other aspect of your life. It is the same definition though, just transpose the example.

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