Dream Dictionary Braking Glass

Dream Dictionary Braking Glass

To dream that you are the one that is braking glass suggests that you do not care about the fragile nature of others or that you have been acting oblivious to the feelings of those around you.

Dream Braking Glass
Dream Dictionary Braking Glass, Dreaming of Braking Glass and What it Means About You

People are a lot more fragile than you would like to think and hurling petty insults at them as well as saying mean and hurtful things will result in them being angry at you and will also result in them being hurt beyond repair in some cases. Nine times out of ten if you say something hurtful to someone, it will hurt them no matter how strong they act on the outside.

Usually the people that you hurt are your friends. You make cruel jokes without realizing their full severity and your friends actually take them to hear as if the terrible things that you are saying are a true reflection of themselves. You must not allow them to think this or to think like this at all. It is not fair to them nor is it fair to anyone else. But rather than saying hurtful things and apologizing for them later, you should really just refrain from ever saying them in the first place. This will ensure that you hurt a minimum amount of people.

To dream that you are going places and there is broken glass around you suggests that you need to watch where you step. Maybe you have been a bit too precocious lately and it is showing. You need to take a step back and take things one step at a time. Don’t go anywhere that you are not welcome and don’t sign onto anything that you do not actually promote. This dream could also be a sign that you are stepping on toes. Do not let this happen to you either. If you are offending someone, do your best to apologize and make sure that they feel as if you really mean it when you say you’re sorry.

To dream that there is someone inside your house breaking all of your glass suggests that not only do you feel as if you have had your privacy violated, but that you also feel like this is going actual damage to you. The things that someone is saying or the things that they are doing are causing you to be hurt. Even if you feel like you can cover up your feelings, you won’t be able to do so for long before someone realizes how much it is hurting you. You need to go with the flow and just remember that no matter what someone says it does not make it true, and if someone is saying hurtful things to you or doing hurtful things to you, it is only because you hurt them in some way. This means that to some extent you have power to hurt them too so you should use it to counteract the damage that they are doing in the short run. In the long run, it would do you well to attempt a compromise.

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