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To dream that you are drinking breast milk is indicative of your childhood memories. Were you breast fed? Often children that have been breast fed have been known to be very calm when in the presence of a motherís breasts. This is because it is their main food source, and also it is because children mainly have an oral fixation. If you put something in a childís mouth when they are feeling ornery or angry it is guaranteed to calm them down a bit more than it would if you hadnít put anything in there. Knowing this makes it a bit easier to accept the fact that your dream probably means you are just stressed out and angry. Breast milk was known to be one of the things that calmed you down in your childhood no matter what the circumstances, so you are thinking about breast milk and what it could be potentially doing for you, so that you donít have to worry about it anymore. You donít want life to be hard anymore, so you are dreaming of breast milk because you know it was something that once calmed you down.

Search for a hobby or something that you can do that brings you a decent level of satisfaction. You will need it if you hope to be able to overcome your depression and sadness. Things will never get as easy for you as they were when you were a small child again so try not to even worry about it. Now you have bigger things to worry about.

To dream that you are lactating or that there is breast milk coming out of your own breasts suggests that you are thinking about motherhood. This is something that comes to women often, times in which they feel like they need to have children all of the sudden. You have a strong desire to give birth to a child and to mother it throughout its life. This probably comes with a certain time of the month, but it can come at any time with the smallest indication really. If you happen to see a happy baby in a mall or something like that, you will be inclined to think about being a mother yourself, it is a natural reaction to have.

Have you been around babies a lot lately? This might be the reason that you are having dreams related to motherhood or about babies. This is a possibility and a very valid one too. A dream in which you are producing breast milk though is a little bit more mature than a regular motherhood dream. You are not just dreaming about the superficial acts of caring for a child such as carrying them around and kissing them on the forehead, you are thinking about changing your body and all of the different things that happen to a mother during the process of motherhood early on. You are sacrificing parts of your body and your body is learning all kinds of new things about itself that you could never know if you were not a mother. A dream like this is suggestive of the idea that you are ready for true motherhood finally.
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Vella 2015-10-03 17:20:36
I dreamt that i worked at some kind of hospital for babies and we han a room full of those transparent blood bag thingys but just filled with breastmilk and then i took one and walked towards the main enterance where an abandoned baby lay.

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sona 2015-02-12 05:01:42
Dreaming milk out from breast.y?

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Trisha 2015-01-26 18:52:31
Hi ,I deamed that I was feeding a baby milk and my nippels wasn't really like formed like someone when they are preg it was open and so I dream the milk was dripping from my breast it was as white as the inside of a coconut and nw my period is like coming. Just a few hours then its gone I don't knw what going on and I'm not pregnt or I don't knw I'm confused

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wendy 2014-07-29 12:45:32
dreamt about a 20 something year old woman being told she must suckle her mother's breast (don't know why). She did so reluctantly when her mom came in the room. Then she was squirting the milk directly into a cup to drink faster.

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Andrea 2014-07-01 16:23:28
I had a dream milk was coming out of my breast

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catobeana 2014-04-07 18:09:11
dream meanings i poked a hole into my areola and my nipple came off and milk started squirting out

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linda 2013-12-04 09:03:36
I dreamnt i was being beastfed milk by my second cousin who is older then me.I resently turned 30years

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rhonda 2013-04-19 12:55:55
@Julia, i think you're probably right! Im 45 in a few days and had a hysterectomy in Dec, 2011 so no more babies for me unless I adopt a child! Menopause most likely right around the corner! Lol  =)

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carsey 2014-11-23 05:07:32
Pshht ! ,I thought I'd never have kids too and the odds assured me everyday, I decided to take a leap of faith and let god do his magic ,after I accepted things happen in Gods time and miracles happen I'm now pregnant with my first child ,I'm so nervous !  :) ,take a leap of faith and you will see !

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julia 2012-10-06 15:08:55
i think dreaming of breastmilk coming out of your breast from a mother who no longer will be having babies or is just to old for babies it means the milk symbolizes your youth looks are leaving and getting ready for menopause

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angela 2012-08-01 21:45:39
Dreaming of being pregnant and milk dreams  :angel:

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