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To dream that you are drinking breast milk is indicative of your childhood memories. Were you breast fed? Often children that have been breast fed have been known to be very calm when in the presence of a mother’s breasts. This is because it is their main food source, and also it is because children mainly have an oral fixation. If you put something in a child’s mouth when they are feeling ornery or angry it is guaranteed to calm them down a bit more than it would if you hadn’t put anything in there. Knowing this makes it a bit easier to accept the fact that your dream probably means you are just stressed out and angry. Breast milk was known to be one of the things that calmed you down in your childhood no matter what the circumstances, so you are thinking about breast milk and what it could be potentially doing for you, so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You don’t want life to be hard anymore, so you are dreaming of breast milk because you know it was something that once calmed you down.

Search for a hobby or something that you can do that brings you a decent level of satisfaction. You will need it if you hope to be able to overcome your depression and sadness. Things will never get as easy for you as they were when you were a small child again so try not to even worry about it. Now you have bigger things to worry about.

To dream that you are lactating or that there is breast milk coming out of your own breasts suggests that you are thinking about motherhood. This is something that comes to women often, times in which they feel like they need to have children all of the sudden. You have a strong desire to give birth to a child and to mother it throughout its life. This probably comes with a certain time of the month, but it can come at any time with the smallest indication really. If you happen to see a happy baby in a mall or something like that, you will be inclined to think about being a mother yourself, it is a natural reaction to have.

Have you been around babies a lot lately? This might be the reason that you are having dreams related to motherhood or about babies. This is a possibility and a very valid one too. A dream in which you are producing breast milk though is a little bit more mature than a regular motherhood dream. You are not just dreaming about the superficial acts of caring for a child such as carrying them around and kissing them on the forehead, you are thinking about changing your body and all of the different things that happen to a mother during the process of motherhood early on. You are sacrificing parts of your body and your body is learning all kinds of new things about itself that you could never know if you were not a mother. A dream like this is suggestive of the idea that you are ready for true motherhood finally.
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Super Mom 2017-08-29 18:31:08
I dreamt that my nipples were hurting so bad it felt like a burning sensation and when I look down, I was lactating! Woke up with the "ghost" feeling of them hurting in real life  :(

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yeah, right 2017-02-07 11:16:06
i dreamt i was in bed with my bf, we were disrobed and i rolled over and hoisted myself over him to sit atop him when i began lactating all over his abdomen and chest. i was looking at my breasts and his chest and was confused as to why it was happening. i looked at him looking at his body covered in milk, and then he looked up at my face and then at my breasts, then he pulled my body forward while saying, "oh, wow. you're lactating." then he began to breastfeed. his reaction surprised me. i woke up immediately and i've been re-remembering it all day. so weird.

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randompersonyeah 2016-12-15 06:03:47
Had a dream last night I was manually breast pumping and my milk was flowing fast, I had filled up a 4os bottle in only a few more seconds. I called my dh (dear husband) in while holding the pump and asked him to hand Mr another bottle and watch this! I quickly filled up the other bottle too, in my dream dh said wow that's really good. I know why I had that dream. And I've had one similar not too long ago. See I have a almost 4 month old. I breastfeed and bottered her pumped milk the first two month but I didn't pump enough and had to supplement with formula. It didn't help that visiting family wanted to go out or that I was uncomfortable pumping or breastfeeding around them, no place private in my house. Well they're all gone back home now. And I've been trying my best to rebuild my milk supply. I pump as much as I can but I'm only getting a few drops outs at each pumping. It gets frustrating cause I feel like a failure. I know I'm not. I know I just need to keep pumping.

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Meizzgp 2016-12-05 04:35:56
In my dream I had milk coming out the breast and my boyfriend was also drinking the milk not from the breast but I was squirting it in his mouth.

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Miss . B 2016-10-01 17:56:10
I keep dreaming about pregnacy, holding my babies and lactating for no reason. I am 20 years old with sever p.c.o.s i long to have a child but i know i never will and although my long term bf supports me though this issuse, we both know that children will never be on the cards in our future. Bassically i would like to know if anyone else suffers with serious p.c.o.s to talk to them about things i cant talk to my bf about and vis versa a kind of support system.

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Dawn 2017-02-13 15:17:02
I have severe pcos, and am still able to conceive. It is to a death sentence to your dreams of chikdren

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Elizabeth 2016-08-01 09:39:35
I had a dream that I was squeezing my nipples and milk just squirting out LOL. Last time I had a dream like this ... I was squirting the milk in my babies mouth and at that time (in real life) I was pregnant and didn't know it. I hope I'm pregnant but I have a couple more days before I pee on that stick.

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Irum 2016-05-24 16:42:45
I saw that pen were coming out of my breast one pen in each boobs

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elvira 2016-03-23 10:35:55
I had a dream that my nipples were leaking uncontrollable and I was showing my bf telling him baby I'm pregnant very happy that all I remember.  :like:

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Mrs. D. 2016-03-21 05:46:02
I am not pregnant. I dreamt that a baby I had just given birth to was dehydrated because I forgot to feed her. I wized up pretty fast and put her to my breast. Not only did she have the strongest suck imaginable (completely unrealistic, and funny, in hindsight), but my letdown was instant and free flowing. It got all over her, but she didn't choke so I let her just make a mess and have whatever she could tolerate. It was pretty a powerful feeling. I know it doesn't happen like that, but I would love it if it did! I'm pretty nervous to breastfeed when I do have a kid.

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lc 2015-12-22 12:15:52
I am pregnant.. i dream I'm nursing my baby and after I've finished feeding him.. milk keeps squirting out of my nipples uncontrollably ..like it's a hose with no nozzle to shut it off. Lol..that's all i remember

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Vella 2015-10-03 17:20:36
I dreamt that i worked at some kind of hospital for babies and we han a room full of those transparent blood bag thingys but just filled with breastmilk and then i took one and walked towards the main enterance where an abandoned baby lay.

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sona 2015-02-12 05:01:42
Dreaming milk out from breast.y?

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Trisha 2015-01-26 18:52:31
Hi ,I deamed that I was feeding a baby milk and my nippels wasn't really like formed like someone when they are preg it was open and so I dream the milk was dripping from my breast it was as white as the inside of a coconut and nw my period is like coming. Just a few hours then its gone I don't knw what going on and I'm not pregnt or I don't knw I'm confused

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wendy 2014-07-29 12:45:32
dreamt about a 20 something year old woman being told she must suckle her mother's breast (don't know why). She did so reluctantly when her mom came in the room. Then she was squirting the milk directly into a cup to drink faster.

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Andrea 2014-07-01 16:23:28
I had a dream milk was coming out of my breast

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