Dream Dictionary Bridesmaid

Dream Dictionary Bridesmaid

To dream that you see plenty of bridesmaids around and you are not one suggests that you feel as if you have been rejected by those around you.

Dream Bridesmaid
Dream Dictionary Bridesmaid, Dreaming that you are a Bridesmaid and The Implications of this Symbol

It can be a major jealous affair when a woman chooses her bridesmaids and the person that thought they were going to get chosen was not chosen. If you though that you were someone’s best friend and they ended up choosing someone else to be the bridesmaid, it is an indirectly commentary on how they feel about the level of your friendship. They do not feel the same way that you do about your level of friendship and it shows.

To dream that you are not a bridesmaid while all of those around you are is a powerful symbol. It shows that you feel betrayed by someone or something. This does not mean that you had to be betrayed by someone that was actually getting married. It actually means that you feel as if you have been betrayed by just about anyone in your life. It could be anyone that this dream is referring to and your mind translates this feeling of betrayal through a lens that makes more sense to you symbolically. This is one way that your mind works when you sleep.

If you feel like you have been lied to or someone has not been up front with you about something, maybe you have just been the unfortunate recipient of another person’s scorn and feel mistreated. Whatever you’re feeling right now if it is along these lines then there is a good chance that you might dream that everyone else is a bridesmaid but you are not.

To dream that you have been chosen as someone else’s bridesmaid suggests that you feel as if your loyalty to a friend is paying off and that you are getting as much as you are putting in to a friendship. Some friendships involve an exchange of something. This can be something physical or it can be an emotion such as affection or trust, but not matter what the exchange is, the idea remains the same, some friendships need to have that exchange system in place where you put something in and they get something out, so they put something in for you to get out. In some cases, someone will not put in as much as they should and are considered a bad friend. To dream that you are chosen to be a bridesmaid means that you have put in a great deal to a friendship and being chosen as a bridesmaid is what you are getting out of it.

Are you familiar with the term “always a bridesmaid, never a bride?” To dream that you are a bridesmaid could suggest your strong desire to get married yourself. You have your own merits and deserve attention from available bachelors, but you are not getting it for some reason or another. Put yourself out there and try to garner some attention. God knows you deserve it.

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Jen 2016-03-03 10:16:23
I dreamt that i was a bridesmaid which i never been one. But i couldn't see the brides face
Ashley 2014-12-19 16:42:32
👍 +2 👎
I dreamed my best friend was getting married, and I was her bridesmaid. Crazy stuff..

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