Dream Dictionary Broken Door

Dream Dictionary Broken Door

To dream that there is a door that you can’t enter means that you feel rejected.

Dream Broken Door
Dream Dictionary Broken Door, No Exit: What it Means to See a Broken Door in Your Dreams

You think that there is no way into the path that you want to take and now you feel as though there is no hope for you. A dream like this usually comes along with a wave of sadness surrounding you, but don’t let it get you down too much. After all, at heart this is merely a metaphor just like anything else and it will probably stay that way. If you have dreams of a broken door then don’t worry about it. Things will get better for you. For every broken door there are ten fine ones, or maybe even more than that. Hold your head high and accept that.

To dream of an open door or to dream of even a closed door suggests opportunity. If you can go through the door or go to the door and open it, you are going to a new area. You are taking a new path, and you are encountering new opportunities and pathways to your future and testing things out for yourself to see what fits best. But you might want to know what it means when you see that the door you are going through is broken.

To dream of a locked door suggests that an opportunity has been closed off to you. You do not need to feel as though you had any part in the door being locked or the opportunity being lost, because it was nothing that you could have prevented. To dream of a door that closes and locks right before you reach it suggests that you didn’t work hard enough or fast enough to be rewarded with what you are looking for. Try harder next time.

The broken door is a unique symbol though, because then the door itself becomes an obstacle. A broken door isn’t exactly impassible, and there isn’t exactly any authority preventing you from fixing the door or having it fixed and opened like there might be with a locked door. This just means that you have one more step that you need to pass before you can make it to the next level in life. You are interested in pursuing an opportunity but you can’t make it there because of the things that keep jumping out and springing in your way. This door is the final obstacle that you will have to deal with before you make it to the next opportunity or the next level of your life.

That door is the road to opportunity, and it might even be a goal that you have been looking forward to passing or to accomplishing, but unfortunately you will have to put all of that on hold so you can move on to the next level. Fortunately for you this is not a sign that you need to give up, it is just a sign that you have a little extra time to wait before you can realize all of your dreams and wishes.

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