Dream Dictionary Broken Eggs

Dream Dictionary Broken Eggs

If you dream of broken eggs in a context in which you are the one breaking them, then this signifies that you have had some accident recently which you want to forget.

Dream Broken Eggs
Dream Dictionary Broken Eggs, Dreaming of Broken Eggs and What it Means About You

You did something which you knew would lead to trouble or which you knew would take some serious finesse to be able to get through and you messed it up. You wish that you could go back and prevent yourself from messing it up but now it is too late for you and you will have to learn to deal with that.

If you have a dream in which someone else breaks eggs near or around you this could symbolize the idea that there will be problems wherever you go. No matter how innocent a situation is there is always the possibility for a problem to come from it. The world is not as peaceful as you might think is and to constantly see eggs breaking around you reminds you that there is always chaos going on around you and you have no way of controlling it.

To dream they you are throwing eggs and breaking them this means that you are wanting to commit mischief or that you have a bit of a naughty streak that you are going through currently. One of the most popular Halloween tricks is to throw eggs at someone’s house if they refuse to give you good candy or refuse to give you candy at all. While it may not be that time of the year for you, you still think that there is someone out there in your life that deserves to be pranked and you want to get back at them for whatever it is that they did to you. It is hard to accept it but sometimes you just need to let life happen. You cannot punish people that have wronged you at every given occasion. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, etc. This is something that you must accept unconditionally.

To dream that you have a lot of broken eggs at your feet suggests that whatever you are doing you are going to have to take care in doing it. If you have a big decision to make, then this suggests that you need to take all kinds of different smaller factors into account. You cannot just ignore the different things going on around you, because if you step on them then they will be broken even more and you will be making things worse. You need to tread very carefully.

Alternatively a dream like this could mean that there is no right answer. No matter what you do, you are going to get something wrong. Hopefully whatever it is that you screw up is something that people can look past, otherwise you might be losing your top spot in society or your job, or whatever position it is that allows you to make decisions. Whatever you do, there will be negative consequences. Here it is about guiding yourself towards the less offensive ones hopefully.

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