Dream Dictionary Broken Glass

Dream Dictionary Broken Glass

If you dream that you are made of broken glass then this symbolizes the idea that your emotions have been compromised.

Dream Broken Glass
Dream Dictionary Broken Glass, Dreaming of Broken Glass and What it Says About You

Your defenses have been penetrated. You do not feel as secure as you once did because someone has violated your trust or physically or emotionally abused you. This is how you feel. You are no longer safe or happy, you are merely broken, just like the broken glass that surrounds you suggests.

To dream that you see broken glass all around you suggests that you need to tread carefully no matter what you do. If you make a false move and don’t think enough about something, then you will be hurt, or you will hurt something else and break the glass anymore. If you try to avoid the glass then you will not get very far because the glass covers such a wide area. You are basically stuck with all of the glass that surrounds you and you need to make very careful moves.

By process of extension it is possible to imagine that this kind of dream means that you see broken glass everywhere because you are not taking things seriously enough. You have not been as careful as you could have been and handled situations with tact and maturity, instead you decided to be brash and you were reluctant to consider the feelings of others. Thus, you see all the broken glass around you as a reflection of all of the poor decisions that you have made in the past.

To dream that you are breaking glass of someone else’s suggests that you are not paying them enough courtesy. You are not acting with humanity and maturity towards your fellow humans. You are being rude and tactless and it is causing people emotional damage because of your carelessness. In this sense all of the glass in the scene that you are breaking is representative of the person’s weak constitution. Perhaps you did not even know that you were being rude lately. But a dream like this suggests you should pay more attention to the feelings of others in the future. You need to make sure you aren’t stepping on any toes. Be more responsible. You owe it to yourself and all of those around you that you are being rude to and hurting with your carelessness.

If you dream that you are stepping on broken glass, this can symbolize that you will soon feel the consequences for a mistake that you made. This is not just any mistake though, this is a mistake borne out of carelessness. You did not pay enough attention to a situation and it is because of this directly that you saw so much trouble with the situation that you were in. Next time take more time to think before you make decisions or else you will continue to suffer similar consequences just like you did in this situation.

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