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To dream that you have a broken leg would imply that you feel as if you are unable to act in a situation. This is different than having a broken arm though because with a broken arm you can at least transport yourself from one site to another. With a broken leg you wouldnít even be able to bring yourself to the area in which you would normally be able to accomplish a goal. There is something that you desperately want to get done, but you feel as if your ability to get that thing done has been taken away from you.

If you have a dream in which your leg is broken, this can also mean that you think that your mobility has been taken away in the general course of progress in life. You think that you are not moving forward to meet your goals. You feel as if things are stopping you from being able to accomplish your goals at every turn. The thing that is stopping you could be different for everyone, but it is something which seems like an impassible object at this time. Right now you just need to focus on other things.

This lack of mobility can also be mobility in any direction. You canít move up, down, forward or backward. You feel like Bill Murrayís character in Groundhog Day. Maybe not every day is repeating itself exactly, but you certainly feel the same every day as you did the day before. You arenít able to make any emotional progress or any other kind of progress at all for that matter. You essentially feel stuck. To get out of feeling this way you will need to do something drastic.

You do not need to do anything negative, but you may need to try something that youíve never done before. This will lead to great positive progress in the future. You just need to remind yourself that you are capable of going outside of your box. You cannot expect life to change around you all the time, and to make your existence more meaningful and entertaining. What you have to do is do something yourself. Bring the excitement to yourself and do all you can to bring some interesting aspects to your everyday existence. This is the only way you will see any forward motion in life.

To dream that you have broken someone elseís leg suggests that you are mean spirited. You are in a competition with someone and you will do anything you can to win. You may not literally break someoneís leg, but you will do everything you can within your legal rights in order to make sure that you come out on top rather than the person you are competing against. Donít get too carried away though. Keep your humanity and compassion intact. This will surely lead you to succeed, but you canít expect yourself to feel good about it once you are done.
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Bella 2016-12-13 12:52:46
I had a dream that I am moving forward with both my broken legs and somone is pulling me from backward direction. What's that mean?

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Georgefigglemenjensen 2016-12-03 05:48:59
I had a dream where I broke my leg and it hurt extremely bad but I still walked on it

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Anonymous 2016-06-04 22:20:47
For like a week in a row I've been dreaming I'm walking on a broken leg and I'm also at school

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Briana 2015-05-19 15:56:01
well first I was at home and a girl moved in across the street and she was from Georgia and she was a sico killer and no one cared and I though I was going to get killed but she asked us for some sugar and she went inside and the only person I side was my friends mother and I went inside and went to the basement and I saw her trying to kill her but I was too late and she was dead then I was always to scared to even be around her and with my broken leg I had when the dream started then when I went to school I met this photographer then we talked blah blah blah when I walked into school there apparently a carnival type thing was happening so I went with the flow and went but then somehow I was in the computer lab with all the grade 8s abd some of my class the grade 7s then a cute grade 8 er said hi to me and then I said hi then after that we went to the carnival thing and me and my friend Nayeon play this balloon gane and my dream ended with a balloon popping!

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monica 2015-03-28 15:36:48
I've been dreaming my old friend was playing with the same ugly girl that I don't know and he has a broken leg and its always in the gym when it happens its been 3 days with the dream in the same place with same people with same abilities.

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Robert 2015-01-26 05:55:01
Lately I've been dreaming of having my shins being ripped off my legs.

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Moonlight 2014-12-18 18:14:44
Last nigth in a dream I was in a bus with a bunch of old friends going somewhere. We were going very fast and then our driver lost control. The bus went sideways in the air and crashed into a tree. Amazingly, while in the air, a whole train of thought went throught my head, I accepted possibility of death and figured it wasn't so bad, so I relaxed and embraced what was going to happen. I lost consiousness. Then I woke up when my friend was trying to check if I was alive. I realized I had a broken leg and couldn't get up. I was very upset about it, but my friend was very reassuring in that everything will be ok and he would get me to hospital soon. My shinbone was snapped in half, but the only pain I felt was emotional, like - "Damn! my leg is wrecked, what am I gonna do!" It's very descriptive of what's going on with my life right now, I can't do what I want to do. Thinking about it now though I think I'll be fine. Interesting how it only taught me about what is going on, but not about how to fix things. The good thing is that it made me pay attention to myself. That's actually the second dream about a broken leg I saw in the course of this week.

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Lucy 2014-11-02 21:35:28
ive just wanted the attention...

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Mari 2014-10-06 23:51:54
I have been having dreams that I fell down the stairs and broke my leg and I been scared so thx alot

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Maddie 2014-08-14 21:34:42
Thank you for this. For the past couple of nights I have been dreaming about my leg being broken because I fell down some stairs. Thanks to you, I think I know why now.

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netsie 2014-02-23 04:25:15
This part "There is something that you desperately want to get done, but you feel as if your ability to get that thing done has been taken away from you." helped me so much. Yes, I feel just like that or maybe even, it hasn't been taken away but it was never there, which is worse. The way through or to the goal is just out of reach right now. I hate it. What do I do?

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Rj 2013-04-10 13:37:11
i think this helped alot because i had a dream of breaking my leg and i feel as if i am confused by it because usually my dreams are clear and my dr4eams are like fortunes due to ppast experience and i was hoping that i dont break my leg in reality

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Jane 2013-02-02 09:08:03
Hiya, thank you for this interpretation. I found it very helpful. I dreamed that i had broken my left leg (don't know how) and was in excruciating pain (i even had a dull ache in it for real when i woke up...thats how powerful the dream was). I had put a makeshift bandage around it but blood was seeping through and i knew i had to go to hospital....but to get to the part of the hospital i needed to go in there was a huge ramp i had to get over and lifting my leg was excruciating and i couldn't lift it far enough to get over despite really trying. The door person was in a booth just watching and there were two other people behind me just watching. All i could think was ''Why on earth put a ramp here?!? There are people with far worse injuries and they have to get over this barrier/ramp too. Why on earth isn't it more accessible?!?''

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