Dream Dictionary Broken Teeth

Dream Dictionary Broken Teeth

To dream that you have broken teeth could suggest that you are thinking about how fragile the state of your health is.

Dream Broken Teeth
Dream Dictionary Broken Teeth, Dreaming of Broken Teeth and what it might mean about your life

Even if your teeth are totally fine in reality, it is completely possible that broken teeth are on your mind because you are worrying about the permanent damage that each sickness you have and that each different thing you go though is having on your body. You are concerned that you are no longer feeling that feeling of invincibility that young people often feel, and this is the first sure sign besides gray hair that you are getting much older. What will you do about this? That is up to you.

To dream that you have broken teeth might also suggest that you feel you have lost some of your power. Teeth are thought to be a source of power. By taking your teeth away from you, your ability to fight to some extent is being taken away. There is a phrase usually used in legal context to say that after serving some organization, person, or body with a certain amount of legal papers, they have lost their teeth, or their teeth have been ripped out. Sometimes the phrase is simply seen as “They have no teeth.”

This is an important phrase here because usually vicious, fearsome, and powerful animals are known to be so fearsome because of their strong sharp teeth, such as sharks and alligators. If you feel that you have broken teeth, or worse, no teeth, you think that you have lost some power and are unable to reconcile that. You are out of power and you have no means with which to exercise your power. This could be a good thing overall if you were getting a bit power hungry. Perhaps in this case the dream would just be a warning. Either way, you probably want to calm down on the power exercises and get back to a normal human level.

To dream that you have broken teeth of someone else is to symbolize the idea that you have ripped out the power from someone else. The rug has been taken out from under them and they have fallen. You are in line to accept the power and position of someone else as a result of your actions. However, you need to make sure not to be too tyrannical about it. Breaking someone’s teeth is a very harsh and final act, and it shows a bit of an evil streak if you can go through with such an operation with no remorse. Watch yourself and make sure that you don’t turn evil all of the sudden.

A dream in which you have broken teeth could also suggest self esteem issues that you might be harboring. Try to see yourself as more attractive. Even people with real problems probably have a bit more self esteem than you do.

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sylvana 2015-07-31 07:54:26
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What if I dream of having all sharp teeth, and wearing white clothes? Can you please tell me what it mean thank you.
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