Dream Dictionary Building

Dream Dictionary Building

If you see a building in your dreams, the best way to interpret it would be to determine what building it is.

Dream Building
Dream Dictionary Building, Dreaming of a Building and What it Means for You

Are you seeing a building that is familiar to you? There are many different interpretations available for what buildings mean in dreams, but each of these interpretations will vary greatly based on what type of building it is. Some examples will be included here in order for you to get a good picture of what that means.

Are you having dreams about your childhood home? This is a type of building as well. If you are having a dream about the house that you lived in as a child this would suggest that you have been having thoughts about your childhood recently. You have left something behind and are trying to recall it. This could be a fond memory of your youth or it could be a sad one. You may be able to tell what kind of memory this is based on the condition of the house. To dream that your house is renewed and sparkling would suggest that you have a renewed interest in your childhood. You are having mostly positive memories of your experience as a child there and would not mind reliving it.

To dream that the building that you lived in as a child is in ruins, this would mean that you have terrible memories of your old home that you prefer to get past and move beyond. You are harboring some negative thoughts about your childhood and are remembering some of the worst parts of it. This could cause you to feel a bit disheartened over the course of your life. Chances are though, something triggered this response. Something made you think about this building or about your childhood. What was it? You probably already knew about your sad childhood, sow what was it that made you think of it so abruptly. Perhaps if you can answer this it would give you some insight into how you should feel now.

This is just one example of what a specific building might be, but if you want more specifics, you should look for something less general than the word “building.” To get into a few more general examples, sometimes the building that you see in your dreams, if you do not recognize it, is one that you aspire towards, or one that you would like to live in one day, quite literally.

If you dream about a short house or a small and modest building, it would mean that you have simple and easy to understand aspirations. You do not desire to run the world or be president, you just want a good life with a moderate amount of resources. To dream of a skyscraper building suggests that you are dreaming of vast things. You are anticipating a very involved future with a lot of power coming your way and a lot going on for you.

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