Dream Dictionary Bullet

Dream Dictionary Bullet

Sometimes our brains like to latch on to things that we do repetitively.

Dream Bullet
Dream Dictionary Bullet, Dreaming of a Bullet: What it Means When a Bullet Enters Your Dreams

If there is some kind of action that we participate in on a regular basis, then it is most assuredly going to show up in our dreams sometime in some way, shape or form. Are you in a military career that requires you to use guns often? Perhaps you are doing something else which keeps you in close contact with guns for some reason. Whatever it is that you do where you see guns and bullets constantly, if you see a bullet in your dreams it can mean that you are just involved in a line of work which incorporates bullets into it daily. Since you are familiar with that, your brain takes images of those bullets and puts them in your mind for you to think about.

If you dream that you are holding a bullet it could mean that you are in a volatile mood. There is only one practical use for a bullet and that is putting it in a gun, and then there is only one practical use for a gun, and that is for killing and hurting others. Do dream that you are holding a bullet suggests that you might be thinking of hurting someone or are going through an intense emotional period. You have to get a good handle on yourself if you want to make it through this unscathed and without hurting anyone.

Is there anyone out there that you want to hurt, or to take it to an even greater extreme, someone that you might wish death on? Don’t go out and hurt anyone that would be selfish. Instead you should think of doing something that would be less harmful to those around you. Is there any way that you can reconcile your anger and perhaps put those strong emotions towards something that would be good for the rest of the community at large? Don’t hurt anyone, because it will never do you any good. In mentioning the interpretation of the dream being that you want to hurt someone, this is not meant to have any ambiguity in it either. This does not mean you want to metaphorically hurt someone. This means that you are really seeking blood or at the very least, are thinking about it, and this is a dangerous thought.

Worse, if you are dreaming that you are holding a bullet it could mean that you want to hurt yourself. Have you been having negative thoughts lately that have caused you to want to hurt yourself? If so then it is possible that you might be dreaming of a bullet. No matter what, you would want to seek help if you have any suspicions about what this dream might mean. You should not be having thoughts about wanting to hurt anyone, yourself included.

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Diana 2015-12-12 07:54:08
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I actually had a dream regarting a bullet going through my ears in the dream I was losing my life and felt the blood drip out of my ears. Then everything turned dark. What does that mean?
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Whitney 2013-10-15 01:50:01
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The last paragraph really shocked me because I have a history of self-harm and the night that I had dreamt about picking bullets up off the ground I was in a depressed mood and was thinking of hurting myself. I didn't even think that those two things were even conected.
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valentine 2012-03-15 07:49:38
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Their is an atom of truth there, cz i hav had a freind dat dreamt of havin a bullet in his two hands and actually he had intentions of destroying a family dat hurt theirs since ages. Thanks for d explicit meaning.
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