Dream Dictionary Bunny

Dream Dictionary Bunny

Even though we are so unfamiliar with the bunny in practice, science gives us a lot of clues on where we can start with the research.

Dream Bunny
Dream Dictionary Bunny, Dreaming of a Bunny and What it Means About Your Habits

Knowing so comparatively little from personal knowledge does not mean we aren’t aware of how they operate in general. The average person can generally paint a fairly accurate portrayal of bunny life for someone else despite having little or no connection to bunnies whatsoever. The one thing that we do know about bunnies is their habits and it allows us to fill in so much missing experiential information about them in our minds. Thus, when we dream about bunnies, it usually has something to do with one of the habits that we associate them with. Hopping is one example of that.

To dream that you see a bunny hopping could mean something about your tendency to hop. In a professional and even in a casual context, the word hop is never really a good intentioned one. Seeing a bunny hopping could mean that you feel as if you hop from one thing to the next. This word gives off the indication that you are not spending too much time on each thing you try. The more important each thing becomes, the more urgent your need to settle down is too. While it can be a little annoying for those around you when you are always hopping from one hobby or interest to the next like it doesn’t even matter, it is not really a bad thing. It affects them in a small way and affects you in a small way as well. However, to hop from job to job suggests that you don’t have a career, and a series of jobs does not make up real expertise. You need to establish a sort of tenure at one of these and feel like you are part of a team. Even worse would be to hop from man to man which would suggest that you can’t seem to maintain a relationship for long enough to get serious about it. This says a lot of negative things about your personality.

Another thing that we associate bunnies with is being able to eat copious amounts of vegetables. Bunnies eat vegetables and that is what we associate them with. So if you have a dream where you see a bunny, it could mean that you are feeling as if you do not have enough veggies in your diet. You need a more sufficient vegetable intake and your diet will be much healthier this way.

Another way of looking at this dream would be to suggest that you stop eating meat all together. Perhaps you want to be a vegetarian just like the bunny is somewhere deep down inside you. This dream definition becomes even more pertinent if you have ever seen a dead bunny. This can be a sad affair for you and might make you less likely to eat meat in the future. But maybe this is your goal. You are trying to sabotage yourself out of eating meat because deep down you don’t really want to eat meat.

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