Dream Dictionary Burglar

Dream Dictionary Burglar

If you dream that you are a burglar it means that you are trying to get away with something.

Dream Burglar
Dream Dictionary Burglar, Dreaming of a Burglar: What it Means When you See a Burglar in Your Dreams

A burglar is a dangerous individual and one that you would normally be afraid of. But to dram that you are one means that you probably committed a crime of some sort recently and you are hoping to get away with it. The other thing that burglars are known for is their stealth. Just like a burglar, you are hoping to skip by stealthily in life so that nobody notices what you did. Things will probably not be so easy for you though.

Likewise it is possible that you are dreaming that you are a burglar because you are actually not afraid of burglars anymore. To see yourself as a burglar means you have conquered your inherent fear of burglars that you might have had. Hopefully this will never come to your advantage. The only way it would ever be advantageous for you is if you had your house broken into. This is why it is hopeful that you never have to use this new found skill .However, if you have to, then you will be ready the next time you are confronted with danger.

If you dream that you see a burglar in the process of robbing your house, it means that you feel that your own defenses are down. You think that you have been too easy going and you have not come down hard enough when you noticed that things were going wrong. While it is good to be vulnerable for your friends because it lets them know who you really are, there are some times when you will need to be less liberal. Sometimes you need to have a hardened exterior and be able to roll with the punches going on around you.

To see that burglar suggests that you slipped up. You let down your defenses and someone took advantage of you. Who was it that betrayed you? Was it your wife, your best friend? Can you make out who the person that is stealing from you is? This might give you a clue because sometimes your mind will fill in that place with the memory of the actual person that you feel has wronged you.

To dream that a burglar has stolen from you and you get home to find that all of your stuff is gone is an indication of the idea that you need to be more careful with the way that you present yourself in the future. The only reason that a person will steal from you, unless it is a random attack, is if you are too over the top with your personality and flaunt your money too much. Don’t let anyone know your financial assets. Keep all of that information secret, and with any luck, you will not have to worry about being stolen from in the future for real.

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