Dream Dictionary Burglary

Dream Dictionary Burglary

To dream that you are guilty of burglary suggests that you feel guilty about something you’ve done in life recently.

Dream Burglary
Dream Dictionary Burglary, Breaking and Entering: Dreaming of a Burglary and What it Says About Your Personality

You have committed a crime and you feel like you should be punished for it. You probably got away with it too, and now you are wishing that you had been caught. Sometimes living with the knowledge that you did something wrong or that you hurt someone else is worse than the crime that you committed. Just turn yourself in if you feel like you really need to make amends for what you’ve done. If not, then keep having dreams where you are a cruel burglar and see how long you can last before guilt consumes you.

This dream meaning need not just apply to something that was illegal under the law though. Very often if you are having dreams where you commit a burglary, it means that you feel guilty for some other type of thing that you have done. You want to get retribution for having wronged someone else in your life and you feel like they deserve an apology. Just because it wasn’t something wrong that you did in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean that you don’t feel terrible about it. You probably feel so bad about what you did that you think that it might as well be illegal. And worse, you probably got away with it too, so you can feel free to think of how bad you feel knowing that there is someone out there paying the price for you mistake and you got off Scott free. The only way that you can possibly make yourself feel better about this is if you go and turn yourself in, but this might be impossible for you socially. At least it will teach you not to have any ill will towards people in the future.

If you have a dream in which you witness a burglary but you are not the one being robbed, it suggests that you have done a good job of keeping your eyes open and watching out for potential threats. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it and you are making sure, in watching others that something awful doesn’t happen to you too. Continue to keep your eyes open and you will prevent anyone from taking advantage of you in the future.

To dream that you are witnessing the burglary of your own home suggests that you have not been paying enough attention to things around you recently Very rarely will a burglar actually choose a random house, and then that same day, break in and steal all of your things. Usually they keep watch for days finding out your normal schedule and when might be a good time to rob you. They are professionals and do their job stealthily so that they don’t get caught. But if you had had your eyes open like you should have and if you were paying attention, you would have noticed what they were doing and been able to stop them. How this translates into the real world is just that if you don’t pay attention to things going on around you, you are open for people to take advantage of you. Don’t be a victim, be part of the solution.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Burglary

Beverley 2019-01-28 11:53:00
My husband keeps dreaming that someone is trying to break into our house. He keeps getting up to look out of the window and is convinced they are outside our gate but they get no further. This is happening almost nightly.

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Matt 2016-07-18 11:07:34
Sounds like it means you are a badass. Hopefully I never to break into your house in a dream!

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Diane 2016-06-02 13:52:16
I had a dream that a burglar was creeping up my stairs in the dark.i woke my husband,the burglar came back downstairs, my husband tackled him and I hit him with a 2 by 4.what does this mean?

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Dreamweaver 2016-12-20 01:01:24
[quote]Message from Diane
I had a dream that a burglar was creeping up my stairs in the dark.i woke my husband,the burglar came back downstairs, my husband tackled him and I hit him with a 2 by 4.what does this mean?[/quote]

This means you dream of having a threesome with a dangerous stranger.

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