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To dream of a bus accident suggests that you have been trying to work more communally lately. You have probably been active in your community trying to enact legislation and get people involved in causes. This is one possibility for a reason that you would be dreaming of a bus. If you havenít been getting involved in the community at large then perhaps you have just become more involved with your more localized community within your life such as your main group of friends. Are you making an active attempt to be friendlier and more accepting of those around you? It will probably show.

However, to dream of a bus accident suggests that what you have been doing has not been working. Despite your best efforts, your advances are being rejected. You have been trying to foster a sense of community with those around you or you have been trying to insert yourself in the lives and communities of others, but it has simply not been working. To see the bus crashing, this means that the whole community is being brought down with it.

It is possible that it is your fault that the bus is being brought down. Maybe the people around you that you have been trying to help were better off without you and you are just making things worse now. Perhaps your attempt at being more friendly or making friends with those around you has caused all of those people that you were friends with to lose their friendship with each other. You have created an interruption or distortion in the equilibrium and it is causing you to bring down the entire group. You might want to take this opportunity to bow out before you cause too much damage.

Another meaning that is possible for a dream in which you see a bus crashing is that you see some kind of horrible tragedy happening soon. A car crash is a big deal, but for two cars crashing into each other, even if every car was back to the brim and everyone died would kill maybe ten people at maximum. A bus packed to the brim can hold fifty people or even more on some occasions depending on how many people the bus driver is willing to let in. To see all of these people dying in the crash could mean a significant worse tragedy or interruption than anything that could come from a normal car crash. Try to avoid doing anything that you know is dangerous and try to avoid making any controversial decisions for a while until you feel like you are in the clear. This is how it will work in the end and it will make it easier on you to accept. You cannot save everyone in situations like this so you must focus on saving yourself.
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Poe 2015-03-28 06:12:55
My nightmares have been more realistic, ( consisting of people or details from reality ) and less gory..and now people talk in my dreams. for many many years, no one talked in my dreams including myself.
i had a dream last night, i dont remember how it started or how it ended exactly but what i do remember was that i was in a school bus, with some old friends from school. everything was normal until the bus chrashed off the bridge, into the water. then i woke up in my old best friend's bed, she was asking what happened and thought that i was the one who crashed the bus or was driving it at the time although i wasnt and was sitting in one of the bus seats during the entire accident. after that i went on a trip,then suddenly i was in a club like scene, taking pictures on my phone and just hanging out. then i was in front of my mom who had a phone that was identical to mine, who was reading off text messages that had said i spent a large amount of money while on my trip and insisted that i had done that although i didnt. she then asked me what i did and i pulled out my phone to say that the phone she had wasnt mine even though i was showing her my real phone and the pictures i had taken. but she wouldnt believe me. no one would.
the night before this i had a dream that I was anxious, anxiety was my only friend in the world that was a theatre mixed with a forest. walking to the another line of people waiting after being pulled out by some other people for obviously not belonging in the class line. i was once again escorted to the parking lot where i had before seen the students in costume for the play, i almost killed them, they were dressed in dark robes and walked in a perfect like with emotionless faces. i thought they were what has been after me, since here it seemed as if everything was after me. i was anxious, rash and scared.
i found out the students in robes were only in costume for the school play when i recognized some of the students, the cruelest ones, but luckily i got swept away in time and to the class line again. this time i was kicked out even quicker, but by another classmate who brought me to the front of the line. there i was confronted by a woman i didnt think spoke the same language as i so i kept trying to speak but she was unable to understand, she eventually left and a baby like creature struggled but eventually made it's way in-between the bars in front of me and onto the balcony type thing us students were in. the baby creature was here to warn me that everything that was after me wasnt going to stop, it was a strong baby but it never got me and just kept warning me about others that were after me including itself, making my anxiety rise. a student next to me asked who i was and said her mom may be able to help me as she was the ( i dont remember ) of this forest and pointed in the direction of where her mom would be, but when i looked at the the girls face i seen that her eyes were yellow and catlike. end of dream.

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Coralie 2015-03-27 01:08:15
I had a weird dream last night...

I was sitting in the back seat with friends on a highway-like road in Haiti, where I currently live. I look out the window and I see a car to my left which slowly drives off a cliff off the mountain. Later on that same road to my left, I see a bus going the wrong way on the road and skids off and flips over and rolls a few times.

Then we drive closer passing it by. I see corpses on the pavement. Already some bodies are covered by the ambulance. But then, I see some flesh hanging on a rack near the vehicle. We drove by and I was on to the next part of my dream... Crazy. I feel like something big is going to happen here soon.

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Allen 2015-03-10 00:33:36
I had a dream to where it was night, and I was walking home. As I walked down a slope, I heard a bus horn honking. I stopped and saw the massive yellow bus full of children drift and fall onto its side, with an explosion later. I went to check it, out only to see the bodies of children laying everywhere, on fire. I screamed to a point where it was so high that my skin peeled. My face peeled of, then I woke up, shocked.

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Tina 2015-03-07 21:59:07
I had a dream that I was staring down one street and I saw one bus turn the corner. While the 1st bus turned it flipped to its side and caught on fire. then, the second bus came around the corner, flipped and caught on fire another time. When the second bus caught on fire I was horrified and thought of the many people on the bus that are on fire and died. That made me hesitant to ever ride a bus in that dream. I don't know the meaning of this dream.

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chase 2015-02-22 15:42:05
I had a dream that a bus crashed into a glass bus stop and into a bank behind it killing four kids. I remember driving by the scene horrifically looking at the mangled remains of the children, but one child's body was covered with a white cloth and a guy on his knees with his head down by his knees crying.

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meredith 2015-01-17 18:39:30
I dreamt that a bus crashed into my daughter and I was historically looking for her after the accident happened, hospitals and everything until I found her hiding behind clothes. She was alive but badly hurt.

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pajo 2014-12-02 12:01:24
Had a dream that the bus driver drove me off a bridge into water and I drowned.

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Faiza Ahmed Khan 2014-11-13 03:43:09
I saw a dream that im going through a road im in a car. And eventually sees a bus whose all glass has broken and theres blood everywhere in the bus as if anything worst has happened to that bus. Any accident may be. And that bus is still being driven by a man crazily on roads then i see that broken glass of the bus is in my mouth.
Please tell me what does it mean ?

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Nick 2014-11-10 11:26:08
There's an intersection right by my house where I have heard numerous crashes, then ran out to see them. My sister had come home and she had a new job (TSA, lol weird she's an auditor). She, my dad and I were talking and as numerous times before we hear screeching tires and a loud accident. I ran to the window, not seeing the (black) school bus, and I told them it's ok it wasn't bad. Then I look at the bus and the middle is crushed, I see blood on the windows, dripping out of the side. I'm telling my sister don't look (bc she has kids), I start to freak out. Then I wake up. It was 3 cars crashing plus the school bus. I've been thinking of getting my first motorcycle, so this may have been a warning.

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Rooj 2014-09-20 12:48:00
I had a dream that one of my friends had just ran a marathon and was celebrating by dancing in a crossroads and pretending to be hit by cars to make everyone laugh. Then as he walked away, a bus came roaring up behind him, but in slow motion, and he had no idea it was there even though it was immensely loud. I could have shouted but I was frozen to the spot and it ran him down, killing him. Another friend filmed the entire thing and was broadcasting it on repeat at our local shopping centre, much to everyone's hilarity and my disgust. Then the friend who was hit by a bus kept appearing near me and blaming me for not telling him about the bus, and telling me to avenge his death by committing suicide. This went on for a while until I was awoken by my alarm.

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Max 2014-07-28 11:15:28
I hat the same dream but it was a dream within a dream, Where Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were driving a pickup that was towing bus full of their fans, both crashed horribly.

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Sheryl 2014-06-13 20:34:32
I dreamt that I was in a bus very packed with passengers with some standing in the aisle. I was travelling with my 2 little cousins. One by one people got out of the bus until perhaps about half remained. It was raining heavily outside and I was worried that when we reached our destination there may be flood. A little after that the rain stopped and it was sunny. We were nearing an intersection when I scanned the back of the bus, passengers were mostly asleep as well as my 2 cousins beside me. We were in the first row. When I returned my eyes in front I saw a truck from the other lane. It was coming very fast then it passed the car in front of us then crashed to the store just to our left. I was relieved that it didnít crash to the bus weíre in or to the car, when suddenly somehow the scene repeated and the truck was coming very fast towards us. I held my 2 cousins and waited for the impact. When I came to, I was standing beside my 2 cousins who were lying on a bed in a hospital but the weird thing was I knew I was in a coma and lying somewhere in the hospital as well. Then my auntie came but seemed that she didnít see me. I suddenly remembered the other passengers and hoped they were fine or that nobody died. Then I woke up.

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Issy 2014-03-27 12:50:29
I dreamt I was in a horrible bus accident last night. I was sitting down on an isle seat and one of my friends (my best friends' husbands was standing in the isle holding on to the strap. The bus was absolutely packed. I was sitting next to my 6 year old daughter. It was raining heavily and it was night time. The bus suddenly started to roll very quickly and rolled over and over and fell upturned into a swelling river. The bus started to fill with water and everyone was screaming and shouting. I couldn't find my daughter. It was probably one of the worst dreams I've ever had. I dreamt last week that 2 little kids befriended my daughter and tried to sell her. I was on a bus and could see it happening but couldn't get to her. Whatever is going on in my mind - I wish it would stop!

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Spitfire 2014-03-12 03:56:12
I dreamt I was in a bus full of my friends and family and driving over an over pass on a corner, we were going to fast and fell off of the overpass, which was way higher than normal in my dream, probably thousands of feet high. I saw us hit, blow up and then I woke up.

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Victoria Secret Whitley 2014-08-03 21:48:03
Wow I just had this same dream I awaken just before we hit the bottom.now Im trying to figure out what do it mean.

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Nasmas 2014-02-15 04:20:48
The bus I was in seemed make shift. One minute it was the titanic (complete with jack Dawson) another minute it was a moving science lab and then it was half a bus speeding insanely in a street and crashing into everything, the pieces flying back and hitting whoever tried to escape. I jumped off and miraculously survived. Found my friends in a shelter on the other side of street. And it looked like war. They were doing stuff - writing the names of survivors and causality lists or whatever. My best friends boy friend glared at me and I realized she didn't jump off with me... It was...so weird and confusing. And scary as hell.
And the night before I was on another bus. This one was moving slowly, and it was just me and another family. But it seemed like we were haunted by some undead creatures. Nit zombies - more demonic. Like we had done something wrong. That one had my heart racing when I woke up.

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