Dream Dictionary Bus Stop

Dream Dictionary Bus Stop

To dream that you are taking a bus suggests that you feel as if you are taking a similar or mainstream path in life.

Dream Bus Stop
Dream Dictionary Bus Stop, Sitting at the Bus Stop in Your Mind: What it Means When You Dream of a Bus

Anything that could be considered a vehicle in a dream such as a boat or a car, or even a rail car of some sort usually can be considered a way of going down a path in life. It is the thing that carries you forward. To see yourself riding a bus, a vehicle which takes multiple people to the same places all day long, would suggest that you feel as though you have something on common with others. You are taking a shared path in life which is one that many people are familiar with and that understand what you are doing very well. This means that you feel a little bit more connected to those around you.

Are you going to the college that all of your friends are going to? Are you taking the same major as them? If you’re much older than college are, something that might come up is performing operations based on the way someone else is doing them in your business. Are you just copying what other people do or blindly listening to what other people say? If this is the case for you then this is probably the reason you were dreaming of a bus. This can result in successes sometimes. How badly can you fail when you are doing something exactly as another well respected member of your company does it? You should be able in that case to get many promotions ad get a lot of attention from your superiors.

However, in some cases this might be a bad idea overall. Though you might be doing the right thing now, if you don’t come up with a system of your own and always copy the one that has been handed to you, how will anyone ever notice your sense of individualism? If you were taken out of the room of the person you were copying, would you still be able to perform the same tasks to the same efficiency? In other words, would you be able to do it without watching them. Some of the people that got into the high positions that they are in got that way because of their own method of doing business. How can you expect to ever be promoted past them if you are only doing as good as them or worse, or you are only doing exactly as they are doing?

Another interpretation of the dream where you are riding a bus is that you feel a sense of community being fostered inside you. You are seeing those around you in a more communal way and feeling like you are really a part of something important. Community is a big issue and is something that you should strive towards. This puts all humans in good standing with one another. This dream, in other words, is a good sign for you, and you should be proud of your epiphany.

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normzz 2012-07-10 04:09:08
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I like the interpretation--I think it fits me and my situation. I saw people (sister and a friend) who took the bus ride on a boat first (they got married). Then I followed --I'm currently engaged! (The bus is within this ferry, and the sea and ride is smooth) It's about this getting in the same path (marriage, etc--which is common to people esp those involved in my dream) and having a good love relationship--and yes, it's taking me forward to some place good! Thanks!
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