Dream Dictionary Butter

Dream Dictionary Butter

If you have a dream in which you are cutting butter and it is smoothly coming right off and easily spreadable afterwards, then this suggests that you have been a cool cucumber lately.

Dream Butter
Dream Dictionary Butter, A Trip to the Creamery: What it Means to Dream of Butter

You have been able to easily navigate some of the most complex social situations and life has just been generally easy on you recently. Consider the turn of phrase that people sometimes use saying that someone is “smooth like butter” or “as smooth as butter.” Butter is usually a smooth object to cut through, so when someone says that, they are referring to the fact that butter should not give you many problems when you are cutting through it. A day where you are cutting butter should be an easy day for you. This is generally the idea behind this interpretation.

If the opposite is true and you are cutting butter, but the butter itself is hard and refuses to give way much of the time, this suggests that you will have hard times ahead of you. Some things are going to go down which will cause you to question the effectiveness of your choices and what kind of a difficult situation you have put yourself in after all of these years. Dreaming that you are having trouble cutting butter means that even the easiest tasks seem to be insurmountable for you. In other words, things just haven’t been going your way recently.

To dream that you are eating stick after stick of butter denotes the idea that you have been too gluttonous recently. You have been too focused on life’s pleasures and getting more pleasure for yourself, and you have not been focused enough on making sure that your own real needs are taken care of. This type of dream could manifest itself as a situation in which you are spending too much money on gambling and you are also buying cakes and sweets and candies when you are very hungry and don’t have the money to throw it all away on gambling, or on empty calories.

You need to focus more on what you know you can deliver rather than focusing on trying to achieve big winnings at the gambling table. For you, the best thing you could do in a situation like this is literally to make it so that your own money is inaccessible to you. Even if you do have the money to afford lots of luxurious extravagances, consider who could use that money too. Do you have children that want to go to college? Well, college is expensive and if you spend all of your riches now and wile them away on nothing, what are you going to have to show for it when your child is asking you how much money is left in their college fund and what schools they can afford to go to. You need to be the one to make responsible decisions around here, especially if there is nobody around to keep you in check and make sure you are not over spending.

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