Dream Dictionary Buttocks

Dream Dictionary Buttocks

To focus too much on the buttocks in your dreams suggests that you might be anal retentive.

Dream Buttocks
Dream Dictionary Buttocks, Dreaming of the Buttocks: What it Means About Your Life When you Dream of Your Rear End

This means that you get very angry when things aren’t exactly as you want them. This has something to do with the way you were raised as a child and it might be your parents fault. You can honestly look around for anyone to blame but yourself, because such would be the nature of an anal retentive person, being too focused on themselves and having not enough focus on other areas of life. You blame others for your problem and probably refuse to even accept that you have one in the first place.

If you are anal retentive it means that basically, everything has to be just so. To some extent you are probably controlling of others too. This can be mistaken for being OCD in some cases but the majority of the time it is obvious what is wrong with you. You simply need things to go exactly your way or you will not be satisfied with the results. If you arrange something in a certain way then it has to stay that way or you will become enraged. If you tell someone to do something a certain way and they take too much liberty with the instructions and try to do it in a personalized version of that same direction that you gave them before, it will cause you to get angry over it. This is one possibility of what it may mean about you when you dream too much of buttocks.

Sometimes when you dream that your own buttocks are bare, such as in a dream in which you are in your classroom naked; this is a classic sign that there is something that you are embarrassed about. This could be something that you have done which you think you should be embarrassed about or it could be some part of yourself such as a feature that you possess like a pimple or a wart that you are embarrassed of. You might be asking what being naked has to do with an embarrassing feature, but for the most part, our brains connect to us through a series of metaphors. Just because you see something you do not like does not mean that you are actually naked, it just means you are embarrassed about yourself. One of the easiest ways for our brains to convey that embarrassed feeling is through dreams such as the one mentioned above where you are naked. This is because our cultural perception of nudity necessitates that we make people feel embarrassed for being naked. We are taught that it is something shameful and something that you should be embarrassed about when you are naked.

One final reason you might dream of the buttocks is because you did something that you think was bad recently. You have committed a sin or a social faux pas and think that you need to be punished for it. Since spanking is a common punishment, this is probably what reminded you of a set of buttocks in your dream world.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Buttocks

Laura Lynne 2017-01-22 15:21:59
I had a strange dream that someone I know was trying to sleep with me during this boating challenge & I quickly got my bed switched. The second guy I shared a bed with did the same thing but it was much different(I wondered in the dream why my bf wasn't my bed partner). This unknown guy had a huge belly + his belly button was an outy & fruit loops kept pouring out it & his buttocks. I got scared cause he was naked too(like the first guy) & kept moving closer to me & I thought he watched the porn I watched on my phone so I quickly got out of bed & ran out of the room. I thought he was going to violate me like he did in a didn't dream(guy looked different but I know he was the same guy who raped me in my dream last week). Confused about what this means, if it's related to myself or the person I know he represents. I almost couldn't stand in this dream & in the rape dream I couldn't scream "no" no matter how hard I tried; had to wait till my friend came in & saved me.

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C.J 2012-08-15 01:04:16
Thank you for the dream input,me and cousin were naked and together in my dream,but she was all right with it.She was sitting on my lap all naked(i was naked too).i seen her bare butt in the mirror( i was touching it).She was covering up our being naked in the dream.it was forbidden love..She and i were alway's in love,it was forbidden love.

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