Dream Dictionary Buttons

Dream Dictionary Buttons

The buttons that you press to perform a task generally make life easier for you.

Dream Buttons
Dream Dictionary Buttons, Dreaming of Buttons and What it Means About Your Life

When you press the button the task is done, such as turning on a light or such as opening a garage door. It saves you both time and energy and makes your life just a tad bit easier. But what does it mean when you press a button in your dreams? The answer is, it depends on the context. But no matter what, if you press a button in any context, it means that you want that thing to be more automatically and robotically handled. It would make things much easier for you in this part of your life if you were able to just press a button and have it done for you. You want things in life to go by a little easier and you want to be able to pay a little less attention to them on your own.

To dream that you need t press a button to make something easier suggests that something in your life is being difficult or making you work more than you think you should have to. Do a little self reflection? If your dream doesn’t give you any context for the buttons, then you should be able to figure it out yourself if you just think of the different things that have been bothering you in your life.

To dream that you need to press a button also symbolizes urgency in some aspect of your life. You need to get something done fast and you need to do it efficiently, but you probably just aren’t sure of what that thing is. Do you have any obligations you need to take care of speedily in the waking world? It might be referring to this.

If you have a dream in which you are using a button to fasten together two sides of a piece of clothing that you are wearing, this means that you desire union of two opposing things. Even though one side has buttons on it and the other side just has slits in it, the two are designed to be able to fit together despite the fact that they are opposites and on opposite sides. This means that you might want to join two opposing ideas into one for your own personal benefit. The most common example of this kind of thing is a Christian trying to incorporate and understanding of evolution into their beliefs. Evolution is something that seems opposed to Christianity directly and yet so many people believe in evolution and tout the proof of it. It can be hard to get along in society if you believe something that someone might consider to be wrong and it can be even harder if you don’t believe in something that many people consider to be right. Right now you are trying to put together two different opposing ideas in your mind so that they make more sense to you and you can accept both of them at once.

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