Dream Dictionary Café

Dream Dictionary Café

A café, if you weren’t aware is simply a place where people go to get coffee.

Dream Café
Dream Dictionary Café, Dreaming of a Café and What it Says About Your Personality

These places are primarily meant for coffee selling purposes but in some cases they will sell pastries and all kinds of other goodies to help keep the customers coming back and to make a little bit more money. These kinds of places can mean all kinds of different things depending on the attitude that you had while you were dreaming and what kind of coffee house it was. If it was a small dense coffee house it could mean something very different than a large and densely packed coffee house.

A café symbolizes many things but primarily it symbolizes a slice of life and is surprisingly one of the best food related sources of consumer culture research. If you want to see what a day in the life of an average American is like, spend some time in the lobby of a café and just listen to the conversations of others. They will usually have a lot to say to you, or if they’re not talking to you then they’ll have a lot to say about each other. Therefore if you dream that you are in a café it could mean that you are trying to find your place in the larger world.

Because the café culture represents such a complex and diverse slice of life so to speak it only makes sense that when you dream that you are lost in a café or that you are not sure who to talk to or what to say, it means that you are having trouble placing yourself in the world. As a lot of these crisis dreams usually do, this applies mostly to college students and to the elderly or people that are about to become elderly. College students will come out of university just searching for a place that they can put themselves in, and elderly people will have just come out of a serious period of work and not know what their purpose is in society now that they are old and continue to be so.

To dream that you are in a small or densely packed café, it means that you are finding your place in society to be a small one. Maybe you were intending to be a famous superstar and instead ended up just hanging out and doing nothing with your life. This might be a reflection of that because you feel so small as a person, or you feel like your contribution to life has been a fairly small one. Don’t let yourself fall for this fallacy and don’t let yourself go on feeling useless when you’re not. The opposite of this dream would be dreaming that you are in a large café which would mean that you’ve made substantial contributions to the aspects of life which you think have been most important.

The café is a fast paced environment where it is hard to latch onto any one thing that is happening around you. If you are having trouble figuring out what is going on in a café it could just be because you feel like things around you are happening too fast, so fast in fact that you feel like you’re getting whiplash just looking around at everyone. If you can’t change your surroundings then try to change your behavior to fit what’s happening around you.

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