Dream Dictionary Cage

Dream Dictionary Cage

A cage is known for primarily being a restrictive device.

Dream Cage
Dream Dictionary Cage, Dreaming of a Cage and What it Means

Cages are usually used on animals, but even animals are generally treated with enough respect that they are only put in cages when they are unruly or when they have broken the rules. A cage can symbolize that feeling of restriction in a very literal but also in a very figurative way. If you are in a cage it is because someone doesn’t want you doing something or because you can’t do something the way that you are supposed to.

To dream that you are in a cage could mean that you feel as if you have been kept from doing something you want to do or you feel like your freedom is somehow being impinged. In some cases the source of this feeling might be obvious such as in a situation where you are literally kept from doing something by someone else or by some restriction. This would be most likely if you were a teenager or if you were still living in your parent’s house. If you are using their space then it is up to them to decide what they want you to do or not. They can come up with a curfew or they can tell you that you need to go out for a while and don’t come back for a week or so. Whatever the case, it can be hard and stressful dealing with a situation in which you aren’t able to do what you want. You’ll have to get over it though until you can get yourself emancipated or until you can start to pay for your own place.

This kind of dream could also take a figurative turn though. You might be dreaming that you are in a cage because some mother freedom of yours is being taken away by some outside source. For example, you might be a resident of one country that is unable to leave because he doesn’t have the right papers. Maybe you are a Singapore national and want to move to the U.S. because that’s where you grew up, but the government is keeping you there because you can’t pass the required tests and everything else that must be done.

Maybe it is something even more abstract where you are kept from being able to reach one of your desires. Perhaps you are homosexual and you aren’t ok with the way that the American government has been dealing with the issue of gay marriage. Sure it may be legal for you to move around without infringement and it may be legal for you to go about and do all kinds of other things too, but it is not legal for you to get married and this is a right that you are being deprived of which might make it seem as if you are in a cage. Marriage is a part of many a person’s life script. If you are denied a life script then you are denied a life which is just as good as being kept in a cage. It is not right and it is a problem that you should not stand for. And this definition can apply to so many different things too.

A cage is a place of ear for most people, a place that nobody wants to be in, so if you have a dream in which you are trapped in a cave or something like that then it just might mean that you need to take a chill pill and calm down a bit in your life. Sometimes people really do feel caged or boxed in, in life but the only way to get past this kind of thing is for you to accept the challenges that life throws your way and just see if you can move on from there.

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