Dream Dictionary Camel

Dream Dictionary Camel

A camel is representative of a few different characteristics.

Dream Camel
Dream Dictionary Camel, Dreaming of a Camel and What that Might Say About You

For one thing, they are incredibly resilient. They can withstand the desert heats and continue moving like nobody’s business. In another sense they are fairly respected. In many cases they are the largest creatures in the desert. And even though they are usually owned by people and treated as both pets and work horses, their owners also know that if they forsook their camels then they would have no way to get out of the desert on their own. For this camels are widely revered. Think of how these different traits might apply to a dream though.

If you have a dream in which you are riding a camel, it means that you have some work to go. Camels are not known for being fast creatures and at some points they are even known for taking their time in excruciating situations where you really shouldn’t be dilly dallying. So if you have a camel riding dream it may be that what you are working on in real life or the things that you are making progress on will continue to go forward, albeit slowly. However this dream is also a guarantee that whatever it is that you are working on, it will most definitely get done. Even if it is slow going, you will accomplish everything that you need to accomplish and things will work out just fine for you. This means there is no need to stress out. Rest easy.

To dream that you are a camel means that you are good at retaining information. Some people say that information pours out of smart people like water from a well, but the reverse is also true. A very intelligent person will usually take in a large chunk of information and then later use that information to their advantage when they have questions posed to them. A dream in which you are a camel may be a remark on your intelligence, saying that you are doing well at keeping all of the information you’ve taken in. This dream may be particularly important if you are studying for some kind of test or exam of some sort. This kind of dream would suggest that everything will go according to plan. You are remembering all of the things that you are learning so you won’t have to hit the drawing board and restudy things you’ve already done. Even if the work is slow going, you’ve been working hard enough that you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Camels are also thought to be wise creatures, and being wise is very different from being intelligent. Dreaming that you are a camel may suggest that you have wisdom beyond your years, which is something that you can’t just get anywhere. You should be proud of a dream like this because they don’t always come around often.

The camel is a sturdy animal and a hardy one. It will last you a long time in the desert and it will make sure to follow you so that you come out alright, but the most important aspect of a camel possibly, is its dependability. You can always count on a camel, so to dream that you are a camel means that you can be counted upon, you are dependable, and you are a good friend. Don’t let this information go to your head though, just take it in stride and everything will be alright.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Camel

Lucky 2017-09-07 06:27:43
👍 +1 👎
I saw an aggressive camel gifted to me by someone
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nusrat 2017-07-02 02:16:13
👍 +1 👎
I had a dream to see a mad camel ,and it scared me all the night
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
lydia 2016-09-03 07:42:45
👍 +3 👎
i had a dream there were 3 camels in my house just resting one got up looking for me i hid in the closet he found me and just touch me. what does that mean?
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
mrsphx 2014-10-28 15:15:00
👍 +2 👎
reamed that I stacked 4 camels on top of each other, and they fell over and one was really mad and started chasing me, what could this mean?
[Reply] [Reply with quote]
Allison 2013-10-14 15:38:24
👍 +5 👎
i had a dream last night that i was riding on the back of a camel as it was running very fast through the desert. It was running through trees and bushes, but I did not get hurt. I was a little concerned, but I felt safe. Before I got on the camel, there were actually several camels I could have gotten on. I don't think I got to choose, but I was happy with my camel. Then, I had to switch camels, and I was concerned that the new camel was the smallest and had weird back, but it ended up being ok.

I think it means I am putting my faith in someone else because I'm pregnant right now. And the emotional and physical "load" i'm carrying is a lot to handle. And there is a long road ahead of me, because I have 7.5 months left, but it will be ok because I am not alone. I have a supportive husband, etc.

I think it is a really good dream!
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someone 2016-09-25 14:59:19
👍 +4 👎
I had a similar one,it was running very fast and was trying to slow it down,direct it,control it.I felt I wasn't in control.a beautiful white camel.
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Naana 2012-09-19 16:02:45
👍 +6 👎
My dream involved me protecting two baby camels from two black bulls. They attacked me but i felt no pain and i didn't get hurt. i stood my grounds and still prevented the bulls from hurting the baby camel. The bulls left. Suddenly the baby camels grew a little bigger enough to walk and trotted away. The bulls came back and left without harming me this time.
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