Dream Dictionary Camera

Dream Dictionary Camera

If you have a dream about a camera it may apply to a few different things because there are so many different ways that we see cameras.

Dream Camera
Dream Dictionary Camera, What it Means about you when you Dream of a Camera

For one, cameras are devices that are meant to capture memories, to take one snapshot of time and leave it behind as an everlasting record of that moment. Some say that cameras are related to death; that the preservation of a moment in time the way that cameras do it is tantamount to putting a body in a mortuary. This certainly isn’t the sunniest or most fun way to look at things, do if you’ve been having dreams about cameras, hopefully this won’t relate to your particular interpretation.

If you have a dream that you are taking pictures with a camera it could be because you feel like there is a certain moment that you’re trying to preserve. Is the image that you are taking pictures of a clear one in your dreams? If so, then think about how this image might apply to your everyday lie. It could be a sign that you need to remember the moment that you are thinking of in your dreams more clearly. This memory is starting to recede into the back of your mind and you are forgetting that it ever existed. Do not let this happen to you. This is what your mind is warning you by forcing you to live out dreams of pictures and a camera.

If you are having a dream in which you are taking multiple pictures or taking pictures of everything you see, then this could be a remark upon your memory and your retention skills. You are probably getting older and you are starting to lose sight of some of the things that were most important to you as a young person. These memories are receding to the back of your mind, but it is happening at such a fast rate that many of them are just being pushed out forever. You can’t remember everything and this is a sure sign of that. You are at your greatest weakness as far as your memory is concerned. At this point your greatest asset would be to write some stuff down. This is a sure way to keep your memories preserved so that you don’t have to worry about losing them anymore. You can just read over them later.

To dream of taking pictures may also have to do with the death of memory, but in a different sense. Some people, as soon as a picture of a moment is taken, will start to mourn because that happy moment will never be experienced again. You are probably having a dream about a camera in this case if you have gone through a really fun memory but now all you can do is think about the fact that it is over instead of focusing on the fun that you had while you were experiencing the moment.

A camera, regardless of what was said above, is primarily a way of capturing images and memories for you. It is a way of making sure that you never have to forget about something, despite philosophical conundrums and all argument aside. Thus if you have a dream about a camera, your need to capture and remember a memory that is near and dear to you are for more important than anything else you might be trying to figure out or interpret.

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Comments: Dream Dictionary Camera

A 2017-10-17 16:34:50
I am dreaming lots about taking photos on my camera but I do photography in my waking life. The pictures generally I take look amazing in my head and the scenery is so vivid. I also keep going back to this once particular lake/pond with a rock in the middle and everything is calm but it feels now as I talk about it like a trap.

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samcat 2017-09-25 11:26:13
I have dreams where I am taking pictures on my camera but it only gets their feet or it doesn't work at all. Always when I meet a celebrity and I'm so excited to get a picture with them. Or the person taking the photos takes a picture of something else instead

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RJ 2018-03-06 14:58:13
I have the same dream...except for the feet part.

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Dreamer 2017-01-14 13:48:52
I just realized now that a dream I had yesterday was one I had a few months back, and they were strikingly similar and I don't know what they mean. The first one I flew to Los Angeles and was walking down a street when I saw a celebrity idol of mine, so I asked if I could take a picture and when I did I looked at the picture and it was just me in the picture, I ended up taking another photo with the previously mentioned celebrity but once again only I showed up in the photo.

Then yesterday the dream was that I was at my house and a different yet equally famous celebrity that I love came to surprise me and when I saw them I asked my mom to take a photo of me and him and when I took my phone to look at the photos they were so blurry and the camera was shaking so you couldn't see anything.

I think this is really strange haha, I wonder what this means ?

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Darren 2017-05-08 22:58:30
I have this exact dream! Always meet celebrities but the camera doesn't work of who ever takes it cuts the celeb out of the picture

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Kevin 2017-07-31 11:30:18
I just woke up to a similar dream. I was taking pictures at an event outside in the night. The camera started to not work properly and two picture shots later Rihanna popped up. I took pictures of her with fans, but camera took blurry damaged pictures. Then i was trying to fix the camera to take a picture myself with Rihanna, but then woke up when my sister was knocking the door lol.

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Faye0211 2016-04-08 16:58:07
I had a dream last night taking a photo of 3 sets of Rainbows,it was really nice and clear. Then the next thing happened I saw on my camera an Accident will happen , it's like the camera showed me that there's something bad will happen.
I'm really curious about dreams meaning, in fact, I have Dream Journal, I write every dream and find its meaning . And trying to connect to waking life.

I wanna know a clear interpretation of this dream. Thank you :)

Email: sottochrostine@gmail.com

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Vanessa 2016-02-13 01:46:07
I dreamed I was at an old friends house (we don't talk anymore) and I saw that on her couch she had my bag and that is the bag I use to put put my camera in and protect it. Well I said oh there's my camera! So when I went to open the bag my camera wasnt there. I cried and said what did you do to my camera? Where is it? I kept saying that over and over. And she just wouldn't look at me she would just walk hiding her face with her hands, jacket, kept walking and I kept asking her what did you do to my camera? Same thing kept walking didn't even look at me and just kept hiding her face. From my dream I just don't know why my camera was inside her house. And she my camera was gone I understood she took it from me. And she his her face too. Don't understand any of it. Let me know what it means please. Bettiebetty123@yahoo.com

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Jay 2016-01-21 06:52:10
I had the weirdest dream about cameras and taking pictures, but the only one that actually got developed was of exactly a photo of an old fortune teller machine, but I never actually took a photo of it. I'm not exactly sure what it means at all.

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danny 2015-04-14 00:56:31
I was seeing a huge storm of rolling clouds of red and blue and yellow on horizon. I was happy to see it and tried to take photos of it with my pentax but the button would not work, I was exited to have seen it.

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Dreamer 2014-08-14 01:39:38
I often dream of taking pictures or collecting trading cards. When I wake up, I realize that these pictures/cards have never existed. They are gone. I wished what I have achieved were true.

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Maria 2016-03-21 18:32:30
I too have dreams like that... Taking photos of some gorgeous scenery! When I wake up I'm disappointed that I don't have the photos!

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NadiaLee93 2014-07-17 07:23:03
I hada dream about running through random yards that had fences or gates and running through backroad alleys behind houses with a old school camera in my hands passing ppl i recognize but dont know desperately chasing pretty a huge planet in the sky that resembled earth but somehow in my head I knew it qas Venus.. but I could never take the photo it was as if it kept getting further but remained in the same spot and same size, like running on a treadmill actually thinking I was gunna catch up to it and snap my photo.. but I never did I just kept running never taking my eyes off the planet and I woke up.. what could that mean ?

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alec 2014-05-25 15:54:22
hi i had a dream and i saw my brother out side kitchen window it was dark in house but light out side shaded by a tree he was siting by tree my dad takeing a pituer of my bother from in the house with the black 2001 camra , can some one please tell me what this means?

and i had have to dreams delt evil one them was i was walking on high way to my house there a scal i pick up i wasd kust in a towal it was night and a woemen on a motercycle stop try give me a ride i sed no thank you i apard walking up me street to high way my mom cardriving throw it didnt stop evil took over it i wasn't ran over i was hanging on weel then i clim up a light pole and nock off camras it camras drop pole fell i was runing safty with the motercycal girl she was only one not affected by evil i need that interpet to please

also i was in a lake it turn ice exspet middle snakes got losse in water a man was tooken over by evil i was in seperet part a pool lake water in it but no snake where in that water a snake some how got in and attack me by my hand bit me i got off my hand then aligaters wherer reles in lake i got up in house safty and saw my mom cat aj i got him in house befor snakes other animal got him but there other cats around house and feld up ground from lake

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